Jan 16 2008

Celebrate! Oldies and Goodies!

Well, there is a lot to celebrate today — both old and good — LOL!!!

I am the Oldie!!! It’s my birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

And Flourishes offers the Goodies!!! Today is the grand opening of the Flourishes Member Company Forum at SCS. You can check it out here. You’ll find a thread offering some special prices on certain items and free shipping on certain orders. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of fun things in the works, so stay tuned so you don’t miss out!!!

Today is also the day I had planned to post some Oldies from my SCS Gallery for you to see, but in light of the fact that we are celebrating Flourishes becoming a new Member Company at SCS, I thought I would post some of my very first cards done with Flourishes very first sets — Cake Decorating 101 and Flourished Words. Now, I don’t have any details here for you today, only the photos, but I want you to realize that all of these cards were made with Cake Decorating 101 which is, of course, a cake set!!! Look carefully and you can easily see that both the lampand the hat on the stand are made using the basic cake and different cake pedestals. I had so much fun with that set!!! I will include my SCS link to each card which will give you some detail as to supplies, etc. if you are interested. (Please note – if some of you click on some of the links and they don’t seem to work for you, it’s because I think 1 or 2 of these cards were uploaded into the Dare to Get Dirty Challenge last July, and I believe they will only appear to Fan Club Members. To learn about Fan Club Membership, click here.) OK, here they are:


Company’s Coming!


Lily Kate Birthday Cake


Millinery 101


Is This a Cake?

I have a busy day today teaching classes and I want to pop in and see what is happening in the Flourishes Member Company Forum as well!!! Maybe I’ll see you over there!!! I should be back tomorrow with a new upload — thanks for stopping in!!!

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  1. Elizabeth Glass says:

    Happy Happy birthday Sharon! I hope you have a good day! Elizabeth

  2. Lynn says:

    A big Happy Birthday hug to you Sharon! My birthday was yesterday and I really felt the “love”. Have a fantabulous day!

  3. Silke Ledlow says:

    Happy, happy Birthday!!! I hope you will have a great day and may all your dreams and wishes come true…..

  4. cheryl says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Your cards are beautiful!

  5. Sherrie says:

    Happy Birthday Sharon!! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Mary Ellen says:

    Happy Birthday! I love looking at you cards. It’s the first site I check every day! I wish I lives closer than Chicago so I could come to your classes. Have a great day!

  7. Aimee says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy your day.

  8. Jacque (SCS: Petals) says:

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sharon…Happy Birthday to you! And many more….

  9. Dawn E. says:

    Happy Birthday Sharon! I hope your day is EXTRA special! Best wishes for many more!

    All of those cards are awesome! Love how you changed them up and paper pieced too! FAB!

  10. Happy Birthday Sharon! Have a wonderful day!
    Thanks so much for sharing your cake with us 🙂 All of the cards are awesome, but my favourite one is with the Lily Kate paper. Love the lacy scallops and stand! You are so generous.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Wonderful Cards! I especially love the blue and brown one with the hat.

  12. Becky G says:

    Happy Birthday Sharon! I hope you have a great day! Love the cards! They are beautiful!

  13. Lisa Beem says:

    Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!
    I must say those cards are all LOVELY! The colors and ribbons are spectacular.

  14. flossie says:

    These are great, love the lamp card. Already ordered some goodies last night, can’t wait.

  15. WOW! These cards are all so FABULOUS! I love how the cake was turned into a hat and a lampshade! VERY clever and creative!

  16. Velta says:

    A Very Happy Birthday to you Sharon!!! Congrats on the Splitcoast Stampers Member Flourishes Forum..did I say that right? At any rate, I wish you all the best and hope that your Birthday is wonderful to the max 🙂

  17. Barb Hendrickson says:

    You are something else! These card designs are incredible and creative. Happy birthday to you!!


  18. Debbie (DeborahLynneS) says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Sharon!!! See you tonight!!!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS SHARON…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Now you can’t say I never sang you a song! 🙂 Have a fab birthday! Thanks for sharing the awesome creations. You are off the charts creative!

  20. Chris says:

    First of….Happy Birthday Sharon!!

    Love all the cards!!! Off to the SC forum to check out the new Flourishes Forum! Have a fantastic day!! Celebrate & party!

  21. Deborah (beadn&stampn) says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! All those cards are just lovely!! I love all the different designs you came up with with cake!! LOL!!!

  22. Kiko says:

    I would love to be company at your house if this is how you would set the table! Gorgeous cards and ever so creative! And to live in an historic house is my dream… sounds wonderful.

  23. Lorie says:

    Happy birthday to you is right! I hope you have a fantastic day!

  24. Debbie says:

    Happy Birthday Sharon!! Hope you have a fantastic day!! By the way…your cards are wonderful!

  25. Donna says:

    cute cards! Happy Birthday!! I think the last one is a lamp

  26. twinks says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  27. Tracy says:

    Have a wonderful birthday!!

  28. Regina Davis says:

    Happy Birthday, Sharon! I hope your day is wonderful. Love all your cards by the way, but the lamp one is my favorite. So unique!

  29. Billie says:

    Oh my goodness, to you a HUGE Happy Happy Birthday!!

  30. Happy Birthday Sharon! What delightful cards! I adore the hat one…just too precious! 😀

  31. Janine says:

    Great cards too….

  32. wonderful cards, Sharon!!!! Happy, happy Birthday to YOU! 🙂

  33. Sheila says:

    Happy Birthday Sharon! Here’s hoping your birthday is wrapped in smiles. Don’t feel too bad about being an ‘oldie’, I celebrate my 55th b/day tomorrow. Yikes!! where does the time go? Sheila

  34. jacksonbelle says:

    Happy Birthday Sharon!! ALLLLL of these are just FANTASTIC! You are one talented woman!

  35. Happy Birthday, Sharon!! These are all very cute cards. Love the different take on the last one too!

  36. Phyllis Rollins says:

    Oh my, your creativity has no boundaries! These are incredible, and I can’t pick a favorite, so I’ll just say, a Very Happy Birthday Sharon, thank you for the gift of your always lovely work!

  37. ChristineCreations says:

    It’s really your birthday?

    Today my brand new niece was born 🙂 So I’ll always remember!

    Blessings on a beautiful year ahead!

  38. leslierich says:

    Happy birthday, Sharon! What a fun celebration you’ve shared with us! These are all just the BEST cards EVER made with this set! Love them all!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  39. Sabrina aka okimom2girlz says:

    I know I am late wishing you a wonderful abudantly blessed Birthday but better late than never ;-). You are the greatest inspiration ever. Most of the time you are for the quick and easy, but your cards look nothing like they are quick and easy but you take the intimidation out ouf people. Your style is breathtaking and I am very grateful that I am on your e-mail list. It is like opening a present when I get the e-mail updates :D.
    Thanks Sharon!!!

  40. Karen Wallace says:

    This is just too cool, what an awesome idea!!

  41. Jerri Jimenez says:

    Happy Birthday Sharon! I posted a comment yesterday, but cannot find it here. In any event, I love re-runs! These cards are all fabulous and here I am inspired all over again.

  42. Happy Birthday, Sharon! You share a birthday with my husband! Hope your day was a great one!

    Your cards are beautiful — I love how you see all the possibilities in each stamp! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

  43. Lois (clownmom) says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Sharon — a day late, but the wish is still the same! I look at belated birthday wishes as extending the feeling of fun! And congrats to Flourishes for being a member company! I have only a couple of their sets, but I keep seeing such wonderful cards. I may have to get some more. I especially like that Mardi Gras one!

  44. Dee says:

    Happy Birthday Sharon!! I hope you had a blast:)

  45. Jamie Wilcox says:

    A big ‘ol Happy Birthday to you Sharon!! You’re a gift to us each day – may you be blessed in return. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these cards, and am going to have to check Fluorishes out.

    Jamie =)

  46. Bev says:

    Sharon, hope your birthday was as wonderful as your cards are. Great *cake* cards!!

    Bev J.

  47. Joani says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday!! I hope it’s a special one!!
    Great work BTW on these cards! They are awesome!

  48. happy birthday! that first Cake Dec 101 card is my favorite! really love the fancy edges and papers used – just fab!

  49. Stephanie says:

    Happy Birthday! I stalk your blog often and your work is absolutely beautiful.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


  50. marisa (whiterockmama) says:

    Happy Birthday fellow January birthday girl. You’re just a few days ahead of me — mine’s the 21st. Cheers to you and may it be a wonderful year in which some of the desires of your heart are fulfilled :). Celebrate you and celebrate your day!!

  51. Carolyn (snowmanqueen) says:

    Happy belated birthday, hope you had a wonderful day!

  52. Rose Ann says:

    I am soooo late on wishing you a happy birthday, Sharon! Even so…I hope it was wonderful!!

    All of these cards are beauties, and I love ’em!!

  53. Libby says:

    OH!! Sorry I’m late but I hope you HAD a wonderful birthday!! And thanks for sharing the Cake Decorating 101 ideas – I LOVE that set – my dear friend Rose Ann who appears to have commented just before me sent it for MY birthday a while back. Such a great set (especially for a cake lover like myself!). Take care Sharon!!!

  54. Melanie says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Sharon, I just saw this! Sorry I’m so behind!! 😉

    Thus cake ste is so cool, I love all these clever ideas for it, especially the Millinery!!! Amazing and beautiful!

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