Jan 20 2008

A Dirty Challenge

I did this project for Jami’s monthly challenge to all Dirty Girls, present and alumni. This month’s challenge is called *Girls Just Wanna Have Fun*! We were to use a girl in our project, and something *sweet*, and it could NOT be a standard A-2 sized card. Well, I don’t have many girl stamps, so I used my Elzybell from our original challenge 2 months ago. And as far as *sweet*, well, let’s just say that Elzy herself is *sweet*!!! And this is not a standard sized card, it is a 5 x 5 pocket book that I made from scratch, and in the pockets are several dozen stamped images of Elzy and some sentiments to go with. I only have 3 Elzy stamps, and they are all related to the winter theme, thus the *Winter* on my book cover. This is a little gift for a friend who loves all the Elzy’s but doesn’t have any stamps of her own. Thought she might have fun with some images!!!

All of the uploads to this challenge will start coming in on Sunday morning, 1/20, and they will be coming in all day, so check back frequently for some fun cards. The keyword for this challenge is DCG108 (DirtyChallenge GirlsJanuary 08), and if you click hereyou’ll be able to see all the uploads.


I received a gift in the mail the other day and wanted to try it out, so this is my first project using the Scor-It. Yes, it is a scoring tool, similar to, but still quite different from the Scor-Pal which I have been using for the past couple of months. As soon as I received my Scor-It, I went to their site to check out the projects they showed. Wow, they had alot of projects and a book made in a similar fashion to this caught my eye. Well, wouldn’t you know it, but today when I went back there to read the instructions, I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I just winged it — LOL!!! — and it came out great. It works well, functions properly and I will definitely be doing a book like this again.


I do not have a tutorial here for youbut I am sure I can findone for this type of book somewhere that I can come back later and link for you — but just basically the spine of this book is scored in 1″ increments and accordion folded. It is attached to the book front and back, and the way it is taped together it forms a really nice spine giving you nice tabs inside the book to which you adhere your pages. My pages are merely pieces of 2-sided DP, scored 2″ from the bottom, and then this 2″ flap is folded up to form the pocket. The covers of the book are 5 x 5″ pieces I cut from the backing cardboard that comes in the SU DP packages. They are a great weight for this type of project. They were then covered, inside and out, with the DP I used, Twirl Collection by Crate. I adhered the DP with Mod Podge.

And as far as my new Scor-It, well, it worked wonderfully for this project. It was used to score the spine of the book and the 2″ flaps to form the pockets of the pages. It is a 12 x 12 bed that is lined with a black rubbery pad that holds your paper very tightly. There is ABSOLUTELY no slippage at all!!! To make the score marks, there is one runner in the center of the board that you run the tool over to score. With this board you must move your paper for every score, but I found it to be quite easy to do. The ruler markings at the top of the board are very clear, giving you every marking, just like on a ruler, so there is no guessing at to whether or not you are on the right spot. And with the rubbery mat, there is never a problem with the paper moving or slipping. I will say, on my first pass over my test paper with the scoring tool, I cut my paper right in half — LOL!!! Good thing it was a test piece!!! It requires a much lighter hand than I had expected it would. In 2 or 3 passes I had the *feel* down pat. I really enjoyed the Scor-It, found it to make nice sharp score lines and feel it’s strong points (for me anyway) are the well marked ruler at the top and the non-slip surface. So, that was my first experience withmy latest new toy!!!

OK, now back to how I decorated my book cover — well, I will be the first to admit that I am not at all pleased with what I did here — it is definitely a case of not knowing when to quit!!! I really debated not uploading this as I am so displeased with it’s outward appearance, but I buried my pride and decided to upload it anyway as I really do like the pocket book idea and how the book itself came out! It’s so fun to have all those little pockets to fill up with whatever!!! I will make another one of these as soon as I’m able and do a better job on the cover — and provide links and/or some mini tutorial photos to follow. And this was not a super time consuming project — it really does go together rather quickly!!!

  • Stamps: SU Season by Season. Elzybells by AMuse.
  • Paper: Papertrey White, SU Black, Twirl Collection by Crate Paper.
  • Ink: VersaFine Onyx Black. SU Pretty in Pink and Blush Blossom. Spica Clear Glitter Pen.
  • Accessories: Crate Paper punchout strips, Nestabilites Rectangle and Rectangle Scallop Dies by Spellbinders, SU Ticket Corner Punch, unknown Star Punch, Black Organdy, Red Sticky Strip, Mod Podge, Mounting Tape.

Thanks much for looking! Please click here to check out the other uploads!!!

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  1. Donna Baker says:

    I’m so glad you upoaded this – how cute & what a nice gift for your friend, I know she will be so HAPPY to get it! you’re so thoughtful

  2. Debbie Olson says:

    Wonderful book, Sharon!

  3. Carolyn King says:

    Wow…amazing! This is fabulous…thanks for sharing your talent again and again! Love this!

  4. toyzhaven says:

    Ohhhhh.. I LOVE it all!! What a unique gift!! Sharon, you are da bomb, girlie!

  5. leslierich says:

    Gosh, you’re hard on yourself, Sharon. I think it’s fabulous! I just had to come here to read the rest of the details of this wonderful project. What a great idea for how to use this book and its clever design. Thanks for sharing so much info about the Scor-It, too.

  6. Amy says:

    Sharon, this couldn’t be any more beautiful!!! Go easy on yourself, you did fabulous!


  7. Velta says:

    Hello Sharon ~ Thanks for the information on the Scor-it. Your card is of course just lovely. Thanks for the return email and the information. I spend the same amount of time taking pictures, so it made me feel better.

  8. Angie says:

    Love your work, Sharon! Everything you do is gorgeous! Thank you for your review of the Scor-It. That’s the scoring tool I have been leaning toward buying (I like the idea of a centered ruler), and it’s great to hear a positive review from a pro like you!! 🙂

  9. Viv (VivLyn) says:

    Your book is lovely and your friend will love it!! That is very sweet of you to do that for her! I just ordered a Scor-Pal because of your high marks on it. I have had the Scor-It for about a year and have yet to use it. I think because it seems heavy and bulky but I’ll soon have the Scor-It to compare it with.

  10. Dawn E. says:

    Sharon this is fabulous! Your friend will LOVE it!

  11. Dawn Marie says:

    Sharon you should not be so critical of your work!! I LOVE it and I am sure your friend will love it too!!!TFS

  12. Cris A says:

    OMG! this is so cool! What a fantastic gift! What a lucky friend!

  13. joyk says:

    This is totally adorable…………just love the book and how you decorated it. Your friend will be in seventh heaven! Hope you can find a tutorial on it!!!

  14. DeborahLynneS says:

    Sharon– this is absolutely precious!!! I have no clue as to why this isn’t one of your favorites– it’s so cute!!! The pockets are so neat, and the whole design a fun one!!! It would be fun for a tutorial!!! –Deb

  15. Sheila says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I absolutely adore this little book. What a lucky friend. Your instructions seem quite clear but a tutorial would be the cat’s meow for me. You are a very talented lady and I enjoy your work so much! TFS.

  16. JoAnn (sarahzoe) says:

    Fabulous book. What a neat project. I love every page…and the cover is just adorable with little Miss Elzy. I agree with Deb…a good tutorial.

  17. Christina (thecardpixie on SCS) says:

    I would also love to see a tutorial for this project!! I looove the Elzy’s – I was just at Jami’s blog and she had a link to the new friendship release…I could spend my whole next paycheck on those!

  18. Amy Sheffer says:

    I think you’re being too hard on yourself! I think the cover is FABULOUS. It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit funky, and a whole lot of fun. And I’m loving the pockets. What a thoughtful gift!

  19. Rose Ann says:

    So this is what the inside of your adorable book looks like!! Thanks for the extra photos! I LOVE your book, Sharon!!!

  20. Debra says:

    This is an adorable project!

  21. Donna says:

    Hi Sharon! What a great project! Thanks for sharing, and for the deets. One question though- If you had to choose, would you purchase Scor-it, or Score-pal? I don’t really understand the difference. Thanks again, and I love your blog!!!!

  22. Jerri Jimenez says:

    Sharon, this is so adorable, you’ve done a wonderful job with the challenge, your friend is going to love this and also will enjoy receiving the stamped images. What a fantastic idea!

  23. jeannen2 says:

    What in the world are you talking about?!! Your book is lovely and not at all overdone. Thank you for the abbreviated instructions — I’d love a link to a tutorial that gives exact measurements since I am such a visual person. I love how you stuck stamped images in the pages — I don’t scrapbook so I frequently can’t find much use for altered books. This is so nice though! TFS! Jeanne p.s. If you’d ever like to practice making more, I’d take one in a heartbeat!! Love the elzybells too — I don’t have any of them yet!! Jeanne

  24. Janine says:

    Fabulous project Sharon.. Will be doing this one for sure..

  25. Pinky says:

    Sharon, this is such a great project and you are being too critical of yourself as I do not see anything wrong w/this. So, comparing the Scor-it to the Score-pal, which one do you like the best? Inquiring minds want to know :).


  26. Mary says:

    Hi Sharon, WOW, what an awesome beautiful project! Can’t wait to try one….
    I’ve have a Scor-It for almost a year now & love it. I use it every single day & it still looks brand new. It is very sturdy & can be used for all kinds of scores & projects. You can even score Thin Metals, light weight plastics & metallic papers.
    This year my daughter asked for the Score pal instead of Scor-It & when it arrived & I opened it, I was so dissappointed as to how much plastic it was made out of. I was glad I chose to buy myself the Scor-It & told my daughter that I could return it & buy her the Scor-It. I told her it would last much longer as it is made from metal & very sturdy. I just wanted to share with you about my experience & how I compare the two.
    You are a very talented person & I really enjoy all you creations & want to say thanks so much for sharing them all with us. You’re the best!!

  27. Kristine says:

    Great Job on this challenge! I like that you created a ‘project’ rather than just a card. Excellent informatino on the scor-it tool also. It sounds wonderful. I don’t have a scoring tool per se other than the basic bone folder, so this may well be a future purchase for me. Thanks.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Uttertly amazing!! Stop being so hard on yourself..you do wonderful work!!
    You are a huge inspiration!

  29. Juliann says:

    This is not only very pretty, but a great idea! I really want to try this one out for myself!
    BTW I just love your black snowflake!

  30. marisa (whiterockmama) says:

    What a wonderful gift for your friend!! She’ll have loads of fun using the images 🙂

    My family has graciously said I could get a Scorpal for my birthday and now with this info on the Scorit I’m not sure which to get. Can you advise which you would prefer? Saw the note from Mary and now I’m in a dilema. Any thoughts???!!

  31. Libby says:

    Oh no – I got a scor-pal for Christmas & it’s still in it’s package – do I need to return it now in favor of a scor-it?? I’ll keep an eye out for your comparison post. 🙂 (thanks for doing that btw!) Your book is ADORABLE, thanks for sharing this!

  32. Donelda says:

    Wow, with all the image shares going on around here, what a great idea!! I’m totally on it!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  33. Maggie says:

    I can see why you don’t like the cover. It’s awful! (You should probably donate it to a good cause. Email me and I’ll send my address.) 😉 It’s precious! I loved it. Not the usual clean lines you do, but it suited the cartoon images very well.

  34. Dottie K says:

    Hi Sharon, This is just beautiful. Don’t be that hard on yourself. Love this idea and would love the instructions. I really enjoy your blog and all the wonderful ideas you share. Thanks so much! 🙂

  35. Kerry from PA says:

    What a really cute idea! I’m inspired to say the least. I don’t know if this is project you found and then lost, but there are some instructions for an accordian book at http://quietfiredesign.com/Galleries/Projects/AccordionDisplayBook.htm

  36. […] made each of them a “Why I Love You” coaster book (inspired by Sharon’s book here) and a little peek-a-boo candy box, using a river rock and purely pomegranate color theme.  Not […]

  37. Mary says:

    Is this the link you were looking for?

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