May 05 2008

10 Minute Tuesday

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Hi everyone! This is the first time I’ve stamped anything in what seems like ages, but I guess it really only is about a week. But it’s 10 Minute Tuesday, and what a great way to break me back in!!! I actually have two 10 minute cards to show you and although they are very different, they do bear some similarities. Here’s the first:


This card truly is fast to make, and for a number of reasons. First of all , the main image, which is a monogram, is done quickly and easily with the JustRite DIY Monogram Stamper Kit, and secondly, I merely covered the entire face of the card with designer paper.The kit used to make this card has a small wooden stamper in it, and that is what I used. Just like the larger C-45, you can change the borders and the initial in the center. The kit I used (pictured below) is theJustRiteDIY Monogram Stamper Kit with Damask Borders. There are 3 borders included, and I love them all! They are just my style and go so well with the flourishy style I am so drawn to. The one I did for this card was colored, direct to rubber, withmy SU markers in Pink Passion and Chocolate Chip. I have also easily inked the monograms and borders in the past with the small cat’s eye chalk ink pads and my SU ink pads as well. After stamping my monogram (how pretty!!!), I ticket corner punched the corners, matted it on a sheet of the designer paper, adhered my self-adhesive pearls and mounted onto the card with mounting tape. And I’d like to add, that though I did this monogram with the small wooden stamper, it could also have been done with the C-45 asthe borders and alphas are interchangeable.

As far as the DP goes, this is from the new fun Sultry pad by Basic Grey. I LOVE that chocolate and paisley sheet!!!I merely cut a strip of paper to sandwich between the upper and lower papers togive the illusion of piping between the two pieces of fabric– and can you believe — NO ribbon — which is another reason it is fast — noknots or bow to fuss with!!! Here’s my next card:


This card bears a much more masculine flavor anduses the Harlequinbackground in the set by the same name by Flourishes. It is stamped in black and the diamonds are added in red as a second step — a very cool type of background stamp with many different accent stamps to suit any occasion! Now, on this cardI used the JustRite Monogram Stamper C-45. It is super quick to use!!! You can get uninked pads that are two-toned — an outer rim for one color and the center inside for another. You can ink them in your own colors — for this card I used SU ink refills in Basic Black and Real Red — love the look!!! I only stamped 1 monogram for this card today, but using the C-45 you can stamp these attractive monograms so quickly it’ll make your head spin — truly it will!!! What a wonderful way to make up a quick box of cards to give as a gift, which I certainly plan to do in the very near future!!! I used a set of borders that include From the Desk of — From the Library of — and From the Kitchen of — HOW FUN!!!

I also want to add that these monograms are sized to perfectly fit with the Circle Nestabilities by Spellbinders, so they can be matted, scalloped, embossed, etc. They look just GREAT when used with the Nestabilies. Sadly to say, my Nestabilities are on order and I still haven’t received them — and as anxious as I am for them to arrive, I am still so enjoying my DIY stampers when done up in squares!!! Many options — lots of fun!!! Here’s a picture of the stampers I’m referring to:


The black stamper on the left is the C-45. The ink pad is inside and when you push on the stamper, it inks the rubber and gives you a perfectly stamped image each time. This stamper is super fast anda real necessityfor large projects. The box shown on the right houses one of the many small wooden stamper sets, the Classic Stamper. It uses all the same borders and alphas/numbers as the C-45. I love that they are all interchangeable. This set that I used came with the Damask Borders. Fun, fun stuff!!! You can view the Flourishes Newsletter for somegood close-upphotos of the wooden stamper itself. And I think the small boxed set with the Classic Wooden Stamper would make just the most fun gift to give to a stamping friend — it is attractively presented and has all you need to get going with some monograms!!!

The Harlequin stamp set, both DIY Monogram Stampers by JustRite, the Sulty 6 x 6 pad by Basic Grey, and the Circle Nestabilities by Spellbinders that I referred to above are all available at Flourishes.

Thanks so much for stopping in!!! Hope you are all off to a great week ahead!!!

Editing to answer a question: A reader asked how I center the monogram on the square when using the C-45. She was having trouble doing so. I found it to be quite simple when I use a 2″ square to stamp on. Using a 2″ square it is very easy to center the stamper on the paper — don’t try to center to stamp itself — just center the black plastic stamper, on the 2″ square. When you try this, you will see that the stamper base is just about 2″ itself, making it very easy to center it both horizontally and vertically on the paper — you can peek in the stamper opening and just see all edges of your 2″ square barely touchingthe stamper edges. Perfectly centered each time!!!

Using the small round wooden Classic stamper — it is just easy to see that you are centering it on the paper as it is so small and open.

Of course, if you plan to cut the monogram with the Round Nestabilites after the image is stamped, then you don’t have to worry about centering at all!!!

Hope this helps and hope you all have fun playing with your new toys!!!

Editing again to answer another question: Another question has popped up in comments, so I’ll include the answer here in case others have the same question — Julie said she has problems getting her C-45 to stamp the image evenly. I know exactly what she means. When Ifirst usedmine — same thing. First of all, make sure your ring/alpha is snapped in properly, but assuming it is — here’s what I discovered after about 10 minutes of experimentation — I think when I stamped I was applying uneven pressure with my hands to the top of the stamper as I pressed. To solve that problem, I use the C-45 while standing — I think it gives a more even pressure as I can get above the stamper and press straight down. I put the palm of my right hand on top of the stamper, then I take my left hand and apply pressure on top of my right hand when I push down. Doing it this way it evenly distributes the pressure andI get a perfect image each time. I am sure if you do it this way (stand and use 2 hands), you’ll get a perfect image each time as well.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Two incredibly wonderful cards – and I can see how quickly they can be created – a sign of a very good design!

  2. What great cards! That stamp thinggy looks really cool! TFS!

  3. Joan Fricker says:

    Great cards! You are so creative and I love the way you explain things.

  4. Charlene says:

    Love these, Sharon. I love my C-45, too. Those two color stamp pads are on my wish list.

  5. Charmaine says:

    I finally broke down and bought my DIY Monogram Kit…and am patiently awaiting it’s arrival. Can’t wait to make some of these cards for myself!


  6. jules says:

    Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cards. I love that stamp as well. And that paisley paper is SO pretty! I love it too!
    great job.

  7. Deb Wood says:

    I love them both, but that top card is gorgeous love the DP!!

  8. Diane Stader says:

    Sharon, I love these two cards with the DIY monogram kit…I’ve been stalking it for weeks and think I will have to check the couch for change today! Love that new DP and the simple designs. Great job.

    aka Lost in the 60’s

  9. Mary Ellen says:

    I love your work and I just have a quick question. When you stamp the monogram, do you cut the paper first or just stamp and then cut. I had some trouble centering the c45 when I stamped? thanks
    Mary Ellen

  10. nancy littrell says:

    You always inspire me Sharon to just go do it………a 10 minute card that is 🙂 But have to walk, etc. 1st 🙁 Thanks again for your fun challenges and your beautiful new cards.

  11. Sharon, Thanks for the great testimonial and sharing the “JustRite” news with all your blogging friends. We love the samples you have created and we thank you for allowing us to post them in our Design Gallery! As always, you do wonderful work. Thank you, Denise

  12. Oh my! These are just beautiful! I love that monogram! You have just added to my wish list! Thanks so much for sharing these beauties, Sharon! I love them! Hope you are having a good one! 🙂

  13. Julie says:

    Sharon, I have the Just Rite Monogram stamper and I have difficulty getting it to stamp the whole image evenly. What am I doing wrong? I recently bought one of the new kits with the little wood mount handle so that I can just use it instead but I would like to be able to use the original C-45 stamper too. Thanks for your time! Julie

  14. Katja Kulik says:

    Hello Sharon, I loves your works. They are worked so fantastically.
    Sorry, my english ist not good!
    Many greets from Germany, sends you katja

  15. Dee Jackson says:

    Very cool Sharon! I just got a email from a friend asking me about the Monogram Stamper from Flourishes. I will send her here to check out your samples. This looks like a must have:)
    Dee Jackson

  16. Hope Conerly says:

    I love these cards. I am going to sound very stupid, but since I just ordered this, perhaps you can explain something. Does it come with an alphabet or do you use your own or that is the extra kit? I bought the whole shibang, but I still don’t know what I got. :=) I guess that I will find out tomorrow as it has been shipped, but thought I could get a quicker answer from you. I really feel like a dummy.

  17. Julie says:

    I was wondering if you want to punch a circle out what do you use, SU punches, die cuts etc… I thought the SU 1 3/8 punch would work but its too small. So what do you use that perfectly punches a circle out using the monogram stamper?

  18. Rose Ann says:

    Both of these are beautiful!! I especially love the first one with your gorgeous papers and pretty pearls!!

  19. Karen Witter says:

    Sharon, your cards are always so classy….I love that about them! They really showcase Flourishes stamp sets (or any stamp sets.) I have another question about the monogram kits. I purchased the C-45 and I really like it. How do you get different colored inks on the same stamp? For instance, the border is one color and the monogram another. I can see how to do it with the wooden stamp, but they seem to have done it with the C-45, which has an ink pad in it. I think I tried to bypass that once and just color the stamp and it didn’t work. Please to enlighten…..:) Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas.

  20. Colleen says:

    Sharon…I loved this card so much that I used you as inspiration in my Thursday Throwdown on my blog today. I created two cards with a similar “feel” as this one…

    you also got me hooked on that monogram stamper!!! Gotta get one!

  21. You are goin’ to town!! Love all your cards using the JustRite stamper!

  22. Absolutely gorgeous! Wow! Love this–what fun the monograms are!

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