May 20 2008

Grads, Monograms and Tassel Tutorial

This post comes a day late, but at least it’s here now!!! And 10 Minute Tuesday will be about a 1/2 day late as well, but it’s coming!!! Trying real hard to get caught up!!!

This is a fairly quick and easy grad card for a guy, featuring a *somewhat personalized* monogram made with the JustRite Monogram Stamper (C-45) and the Harlequin stamp set by Flourishes. When I say *somewhat personalized* what I mean is, rather than having the graduates name on each card I make (I had 8 cards to do for grads from this school), I found it much quicker to put on the year and a simple *Congrats BHS Grad*. This way theyget their year and their school name on the card, though not their own name = somewhat personalized!!! Using the C-45 I can kick out 8 of these in a matter of seconds, as opposed to the time it would take to change the grads name on each, so — it works for me!!! Oh, and I loved the colors to work with — our school colors are purple and gold and the class colors were black and white — a great combo!!!


I used the Small Letters and the Medium/Large Numbers on the Monogram Stamper (C-45) to make this monogram. However, since all the letters and numbers are interchangeable from the C-45 to the smaller wooden stampers, and vice versa, I could have just as easily done this with one of the smaller wooden stampers. Personally, I just prefer the ease of being able to stamp out many of the same monogram super quickly with the C-45.

The grid pattern is done with Harlequin by Flourishes, stamped tone on tone on the Eggplant Paper, with the diamond centers being gold embossed. The gold matting layerson the grid image and the monogrammed image are made with gold metallic cardstock. The monogrammed image and all layers are cut and embossed using the Circle Nestabilities.

  • Stamps: Harlequin by Flourishes and the JustRite Monogram Stamper C-45 by JustRite.
  • Paper: White, Black Textured, Elegant Eggplant, Gold Metallic.
  • Ink: Black, Elegant Eggplant, Versa Mark.
  • Accessories: Gold Embossing Powder, Tassel (tutorial below), Circle Nestabilities by Spellbinders, Mini Glue Dots, Mounting Squares.

The tassel on this card is home made and a tutorial follows. I have received a lot of questions from readers as to where I get these — well, it is getting to be a problem. I have picked up the bookmark sized tassles with the longer strings at craft stores often times. The short ones that I’ve been using for graduation tassels have become hard to find. They used to always be in the sewing section of Wal-Mart, but I haven’t been able to find them in black for months, though the last time I checked they did have the gold. Here’s a picture of what I’ve been buying, and what I just made and used on the card above:


The tutorial that follows will all be done in thumbnails, so just click the photos if you’d like to see larger views.


The first thing we need to do is make our little template. I used a lightweight chipboard coaster, but I think a heavy one would have worked better. I cut it to 13/4″ wide and then measured 1/4″ down from the top and drew a line with a ruler and pen. Then I used my Word Window Punch and punched just under that line, and off the end of the chipboard, as shown. The black string I am using is Crochet Cotton from Wal-mart with all the other crochet threads, near the yarns. I think DMC Embroidery Floss would work as well, but I didn’t have the right color and our Wal-Mart doesn’t carry that anymore either. But this Crochet Cotton worked just great!


Start by wrapping the Crochet Cotton around your template as shown, over the opening. I wrapped mine about 15 complete rounds. Let long tails hanging down when done.


Now take a nice big darning needle with a largeeye and run a length of Crochet Cotton through the eye and just tie the thread on at the eye so it doesn’t keep falling off as you wrapa band around the threads — see photo — you are wrapping this band in the open area. I wrapped it around about 10 times. Then tie it tightly in the back. When I was done tying it, I put a Mini Glue Dot over my knot, just so I can see that tiny blackknot again and to make sure the knot holds. Let your leftover strings hang down.


Thread your needle with another length of thread. Run it under the top portion of the loop, as shown in the photo, keeping your thread doubled. Cut the end so you can get the needle off, and then tie it into a knot that you can slide down close to the base. I don’t know what knots are called. I just loop it around my finger and pull it through itself, then slide it down and tug to make it tight — if that makes any sense.

Now you can take your scissors, insert them under the threads right at the bottom and cut them. Now you can slide the entire tassell off the framing and give it a little haircut to take care of those long ends that were left hanging, and it should be done!!! When I attach it to the card, I make sure the Mini Glue Dot is on the back, and use that to help adhere it to the card.

I hope this helps some with the tassel dilemna!!! 10 Minute Tuesday will be late, but hope to get it up sometime on Tuesday!!! Sorry, but I’m trying to get back on track!!! Thanks so much for stopping in!!!

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112 Responses to “Grads, Monograms and Tassel Tutorial”

  1. Laurie Helgason says:

    The graduation card is very classy, neat and clean. The hint of gold is just enough.

  2. leslierich says:

    This is just gorgeous, Sharon! The colors are fabulous and very stately looking. The Harlequin background and monogram are a perfect combo for this card. Absolutely wonderful!

  3. Shelly says:

    This is a very classy grad card Sharon. Thanks for the tassle tutorial too!

  4. Sherrie says:

    Beautiful card! Thanks for the instructions on making the tassel!!

  5. Diana Barnett says:

    Worth the wait. The card is so chic. Now to that tuturial on tassel making. What an easy way to do them. I’m definetly going to make some. This is idea is a keeper.

  6. Danielle says:

    This card is fantastic! Love the grid pattern-it’s so elegant, and it’s still personal even without individual names! Great tutorial too…love that tassel!

  7. Anne Stephens says:

    AWESOME card! Love the monogram! Just might have to get some myself. After all, what’s that stimulus $$ for again?!

  8. Brenda says:

    Love the card! For those that don’t want to make tassels, a great place to buy them is “Craft Supplies for Less.” I bought a primary multi-color pack of floss tassels to use for bookmarks, but they could be used for cards too and I think their price is reasonable.

  9. Shel9999 says:

    Gorgeous, Sharon! Such an elegant design! And congrats on your partnership with Flourishes! How exciting! (I’m a little slow in getting the news…)

  10. Barbara says:

    Your are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kathie says:

    Wonderful graduation cards, and yes I am sure you can crank 8 of them out in seconds!! LOL BUT what all of us out here in computer land love is that you took hours to show us every step of your card. We do thank you so very much!!!

  12. I love your grad card, and what a great idea to include a homemade tassle!!! I’m going to add one to my grad card! Thanks for the tutorial!!! You are awesome!

  13. Deb Wood says:

    What an awesome graduation card!! Very classy! Love it!

  14. Ansa says:

    Oh my gosh! youre brilliant!
    I made a few tassels but I found it to such a hassle to try and tie them. I LOVE the idea of the template and the punch at 1/4′ to help tie…LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.
    Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to try it again WITH THE TEMPLATE!

  15. You SO rock, girl!! Thanks for your tassel lesson and all your tips on the JustRite Stamper — I’m making time to play with mine this weekend!!

  16. Rose Ann says:

    These are just perfect!! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial, Sharon!!

  17. Madeline says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Want to take this time to thank you sooooo much for posting your tassel making instructions.
    I did manage to make about 20 of them using the floss.
    Here is the graduation announcement I made for my son.

    Thanks again,

    Maddie ~

  18. Marie-Josée says:

    Thank You, Sharon, for this tutorial. It’s so a nice idea!

  19. Mel M. M. M. says:

    This is incredible! A thousand times better than the description on Martha Stewart. (Though I am hardly surprised because you are SO brilliant!) I love the template you have with the cut away. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration & instruction! :O)

  20. Maryvel says:

    AWESOME! I LOVE classy and this one sure is! The tassel tutorial is great! Thank you so much! We will give a try, for sure! Thanks again!

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  56. […] No Time To Stamp? » Grads, Monograms and Tassel TutorialMay 20, 2008 … The tassel on this card is home made and a tutorial follows. I have received a lot of questions from readers as to where I get these — well, it is … […]

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  92. Ginnie says:

    Thank you SO much for this tutorial!! I was able to whip up 60 tiny little tassels in about an hour!!!

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