Jun 09 2008

Flourishes Winners and Peeks!

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The Flourishes Featured Stamper Challenge #3 over in the Flourishes Forum at SCS has 2 winners this week. You can read the Flourishes Newsletter Blog to see who won and see their gorgeous creations. (And consider playing yourself – it’s a lotof fun!!!) Huge congratulations, Joan and Latisha!!!!

And here’s a little sneak peek for you of a super simple little card that has a bit more of a modern or contemporary flair:


Variety and options — that’s the name of the gamewith this Stamp Simply set!!!

And here’s a gorgeous newsneak peek by Julie Koerber. Check it out — I can’t wait to see the full view!!!!

And remember, tomorrow (Tuesday) is the day that 2 new sets will be released by Flourishes — it will be the debut of the Stamp Simply line as well as the release ofanother gorgeous creation by Marcella Hawley.These sets join the already released Spring Ephemerals, another Marcella Hawley creation that features gorgeous solid image florals.

I hope you can all come back tomorrow to see what we at Flourishes have in store for you! Our Design Team has been super busy, and what beauties they have created!!!! Truly, jaw-dropping creations!!!! Come, ready to be inspired!!!

As always, thanks so much for stopping in, and I hope to see you tomorrow. Just plan to pour yourself a nice good cup of morning coffee and join us, and I’d better quit talking, or I’ll surely spill the beans!!!

A note on 10 Minute Tuesday: Since tomorrow, Tuesday, is a release day for Flourishes, the 10 Minute Tuesday projects will be a part of Wednesday’s May I Suggest… feature. So if you’re looking for 10 Minute Tuesday cards this week — tune in on Wednesday. Thanks for understanding!!!

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  1. Heather Fullerton says:

    Ummm. Could the new set have something to do with coffee? I look forward to seeing the new sets tomorrow.
    Retired Heather

  2. OHHHH! I can’t wait to see the rest of this card! I am sure with this card others will see just how versatile your new line is…. WOW!

  3. barb schram says:

    Can’t wait! This is exciting indeed! Will it be up at midnight or later? Just tryin to plan my night! lol

  4. Libby says:

    Sharon I was just at the Flourishes site and saw Coffee with Friends up already! Not sure it’s supposed to be? At any rate – I **LOVE** it!!!!!! Can’t wait to see more of your creations with it!

  5. I can’t wait to see more of the cards.
    I did a card for your ssnotime38 challenge.
    You can see it her e on my blog;

  6. Latisha says:

    Thank you for choosing me, what an honor. Ok I just saw your post with the new sets…uuummm I need them. Off to go shopping lol
    i blogged about you today >”<

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