Sep 17 2009

Mega JustRite Blog Hop

Today begins the Mega JustRite Font BlogHop and with 54 designers sharing ideas it continues through tomorrow as well. Be sure to read throughto the endof my post. Tons of links are sharedas well as info on theweek long Font Sale at JustRite andsome fun Blog Candyofferings. Now, on to my project. I have a lot of photos, so I’ll be brief with my words.


A trio of Christmas cards — Stamped Simply — using both Times New Roman Uppercase Font and Times New Roman Lowercase Font on the Harmony Rectangle Stampers. I feel it’s best to keep projects simple for the holidays. These cards were a pleasure and a breeze to make. What a feeling of accomplishment when they go together so quickly.


Here’s a visual of what I used — Times New Roman Font Uppercase and Lowercase on the Harmony Rectangle Stampers. I’m loving these2 sentiments for this style of Christmas card, so I’m sure I’ll be leaving the letters in tact for some time yet. I’m blessed to have several stampers — something you may want to consider, too, especially now when they are on sale!


My sentiment is gold embossed, outlined with a gold leaf pen (I actually use a Calligraphy Pen by Marvy Uchida — it’s my latest favorite gold pen — the tip is a bit smaller than some). My sentiment is then nestled between rows of double embossed lines.


A similar card in a vertical orientation. Note here how the sentiment is only adhered on the ends, allowing it to rise up over the ribbon — kind of a nice touch, I thought! Kaiser rhinestones are used to add some glitz. My Red 100% Silk Ribbon by May Arts is tied in my favorite fun and flirty fashion with the Bow Easy. You can read this post to see how it is done.


This card is the same as the first, just reversed with the ribbon at the bottom. Can you see how I’ve lined the insides of the cards in pure white?I like an inside that is easy towrite on and also easy to read. The card itself is Gold Brushed Metallic paper.


To emboss the double lines in my cards today, I used my Scor-It Mini. I left a 1″ space for my sentiment to be placed and my double lines are 1/4″ apart. If you use a Scor-It, using the Perga Soft onyour scoring tool tip helps the tool to glide over your paper. It feels like you are gliding over butter — totally effortless.


I have a hard time taking pictures to get the embossed lines to show up as they do IRL. That’s what I’m trying to show you here. I really like the depth of the embossing when using a Scor-It.


Here’s a nice closeup of the heat embossed sentiment, lined with gold leaf pen. A couple of tips for you:

1) People think they can’t draw a straight line so they couldn’t use a gold leaf pen. WRONG! The pen tips are soft, like a marker. You push the tip into the paper, starting at one corner, and draw the pen towards you with just a tiny bit of pressure. The paper forms sort of a groove in the tip and the line comes perfectly straight. It truly could not be more simple — if you haven’t done this, give it a try. An easy way to dress up a simple project.

2) Another common question — how do you get the sentiment so straight on that small piece of paper. Well, I don’t — LOL!!! I don’t stamp on a small piece. I stamp on at least a 1/4 sheet of paper. Once your stamper is loaded with letters and ready to go, line up the bottom edge of the Rectangle Wood Stamper with the bottom edge of the paperso it’s nice and straight and stamp there. Now your sentiment will be straight with the bottom of the paper, so now you can easily trim it down to size on your paper cutter. If you were using Nesties to cut your sentiment, then it would be of no concern — but today I was cutting my sentiments myself on the paper cutter.



JustRite Stampers has the Font Sets I used today, Times New Roman Uppercase, Times New Roman Lowercase and the Harmony Rectangle Stampers, as well as their entire Font line on sale for one week. Take advantage and pick up some extra Harmony Rectangle Stampers as well!

Stamp Simply Ribbon Storecarries the 100% Silk Ribbon by May Arts in 21 colors, the Bow Easy and the full line of Scor-It products.


JustRite is celebrating a Mega Font BlogHop, a two day extravaganza with 54 designers, in style with a Super7 Day Font Sale. If you’re looking for some fabulous font sets, you won’t want to miss this sale, they areoffering 30% off all JustRite font sets and the Horizontal and Vertical Font Stampers. The sale begins September 17th and ends September 24th.

There’s Mystery Blog Candy being given away during the Two Day Just Rite Font Blog Hop!!! Why is it a mystery? Well there willbe three blog candy giveaways on each day and you can only win by leaving a comment on the right blog!The real surprise is you won’t know which blog has the candy.Even the designers don’t know!So, as you visit each of the 54 designers over the two day event, take time to leave a comment. You may be one of the lucky winners!You have until 12:00 noon on Sunday to leave comments for your chance to win. You’ll want to check back at the JustRite Blog on Sunday evening to find out if you’ve won.


And now it’s time to start hopping.Here are the links for today’s player — so grab yourcup of coffee or teaand settle in for some fun hopping! (I’m sorry if these links, or anything else on this post, are a garbled mess, I’m working on it – MAJOR blog issues going on here today — so sorry. You can scroll down to an old-fashioned link list if this one doesn’t work.)

Michelle Wooderson

Sankari Wegman

Heidi Blankenship

Eva Dobilas

Beate Johns

Sharon Harnist

Barbara Anders

Sharon Johnson

Deb Saaranen

Becca Feeken

Kazan Clark

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Tammy Hershberger

Linda Beeson

Jenny Gropp

Lori Craig

Tanis Giesbrecht

Jenn Balcer

Lisa Somerville

Karen Maldonado

Pamela Smerker

Karen Taylor

Latisha Yoast

Julie Overby

Mary Pfaff

JustRite Blog

Thanks so much for stopping in today! Truly enjoyed having you here — enjoy your Hop and I’ll be back late Thursday evening with our weekly Stamp Simply Challenge. Hope to see you then.

Michelle Wooderson
Sankari Wegman
Heidi Blankenship
Eva Dobilas
Beate Johns
Sharon Harnist
Barbara Anders
Sharon Johnson
Deb Saaranen
Becca Feeken
Kazan Clark
Lauren Meader
Tammy Hershberger
Linda Beeson
Jenny Gropp
Lori Craig
Tanis Giesbrecht
Jenn Balcer
Lisa Somerville
Karen Maldonado
Pamela Smerker
Karen Taylor
Latisha Yoast
Julie Overby
Mary Pfaff

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    Very, Very Elegant Sharon!!! The addition of the gold pen really adds to the elegance!

  2. anja says:

    So elegant love these.

  3. Sharon you never fail to always create the most gorgeous, elegant cards with the most stunning bows I have ever seen!!! Always inspiring to drop by your blog!!

  4. Pat M says:

    I can’t believe I am the second person to leave a comment. I am usually one of the high numbers. Love anything JustRite. Glad I am off work today so I have time to hop. It should be fun.

  5. Teri says:

    Very pretty. Love the bows! The cards are all stunning.

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    These are great and I will be using this idea, so simple and elegant.

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    Just perfect, simple and elegant….always a winner! As ever your work would steal the show anywhere.

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    Love Love Love these Christmas cards, so simple, so striking. These are some of the nicest I have ever seen, definitely going to make some like this, gorgeous!

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  11. Patty W says:

    SO simple and BEAUTIFUL !

  12. veronica says:

    thanks for the embossed lines tips. i always like the look, but forget to do them.

  13. Swedie says:

    The bright red ribbons make the cards! Thanks for sharing your tips.

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    Simple and elegant. Love them. Thank you also for the gold leaf pen tip. God bless!

  15. Tina Johnson says:

    I love your cards. I love red and white cards. Your bows are beautifully tied.

  16. Lesley says:

    Thanks for the tip on the gold pen. I’ve been avoiding trying one since I’m straight-line challenged and using a ruler is like asking for trouble with me (can you say gold fingers and fingerprints all over?) The cards are gorgeous!

  17. Judy Inhoff says:

    The cards are so simple, but elegant. I like the bows, the red rhinestones and the score marks. A great idea!

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    The scoring is so nice with the simplicity of the cards!

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    Love it! Glad to visit your site, hadn’t been here before!


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    Your cards are STUNNING! I love clean and simple. The fonts and wooden stampers from Just Rite make it so easy to mass produce a set of cards, don’t they?

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    Beautiful and elegant Xmas cards. Love the scoring and bows. The simplicity of the fonts makes them easy to read for older people also.
    Bernice Barnes

  30. Charmaine says:

    Simple and elegant…love it. Great for mass producing and will have to steal your idea! 🙂


  31. Lakeside says:

    I just love the classic simplicity of your cards. Stunning! I just gained 5lbs eating up the candy you’ve created with JR. Put me on your Christmas Card List! 😉

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    Very Elegant Sharon. Your work is always so beautiful. Thanks for all the tips. My next JustRite purchase needs to be this rectangle stamper.

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    ooh I love those Christmas cards – sometimes it’s the simplest ones that have the most impact. Gorgeous!!

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    Great projects! Thanks for sharing.

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    Sharon, you did it again wow! So gorgeous with your lovely tied ribbon and bows! How does your bow not tend to pull or tub or warp your cardstock?

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    PS I must read all about the bow maker, as mine never want to lay the way I want them to lay.

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    These cards are simple but oh so beautiful. Also, thank you for the detailed tips.

  116. Kathleen says:

    one of the nicest things about justrite fonts is that you can use any language. I lived overseas a couple of times and that was always a frustration, when you want to make something and they do not speak english…

  117. Carol says:

    I love these cards!!!! Simple but so elegant! Thanks for the gold leaf pen tip. I have been wanting to try them but I’m one of those people who can’t draw a straight line also. I will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing.

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    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16

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  177. Elsa Limas says:

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    dcartegroves at yahoo dot com

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  211. Loydene Brock says:

    I LOVE the simple elegance of your cards – the gold and red is just stunning! And …. who’d’a thought — emboss!!! Just like “regular” (!!) stamps!
    These are beautiful … and the bows are to die for!

  212. Kim Chaltry says:

    I just love the crispness of the white with red ribbon. Very nice as always.

  213. Phyllis M. says:

    Wonderful cards so simple and neat looking. Thanks for sharing and also your tips at the end too were great. Phyllis M.

  214. Sheryl Sharp says:

    Simple & fabulous! tfs

  215. jengd says:

    Beautiful! SO simple but those velvet bows really do it!

  216. Nancy says:

    Clean and simple, what a charming card

  217. Cheryl in Cincy says:

    Elegant simplicity. Love it!

  218. Susan B says:

    What beautiful card. So elegant looking.

  219. Laraine R says:

    So Elegant!! Thanks for sharing!!

  220. Linda says:

    Such pretty projects. Thanks for sharing!

  221. Laurie We says:

    Love your bows and the fast and simple cards- I need to go buy the lowercase letters while they are on sale!

  222. Vickie Y says:

    Gorgeous cards and beautiful ribbon and bows. TFS

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