Oct 22 2009

30% Off JustRite Monogram Kits

Yes, that’s right — The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store is offering 30% off the Damask, Curlz and Special Occassions Monogram Kits by JustRite while supplies last!  I think you all know how much I love these sets.  They were what originally drew my attention to JustRite Stampers in the first place and I’ve used them all repeatedly over the years, producing some of my most favorite projects.  I have these kits on hand for immediate shipment.  They are all in boxes, PERFECT for gift giving, so consider your Christmas gift list before ordering.  To order or ask questions just email me at  [email protected], tell me what you’d like, then I’ll bill you via PayPal, and will ship to you upon receipt of payment.  Quick and easy! 

Editing on Thursday a.m. — I woke up this a.m. to many, many email questions about the JustRite product.  I’ll answer the common questions coming in at the end of this post as many of you may have the same questions.  So scroll to the bottom to see if your question is answered, and this post may get very long (so sorry), but just hoping this gets the common questions answered most efficiently.  I’m going to edit with answers now, so have patience with me as I’m getting this updated. 

But here’s the answer to the #1 question — YES, these kits are ready for you to use.  All you need to add is paper and ink and you can create.  They contain the Wood Stamper, the outside borders and the inside font (alphabet letters).  The Curlz and Special Occasions Kits also have 3 fun centers you can use!

#2 Question — YES, I ship internationally.  Let me know what you want and where you live and I’ll get back to you with shipping costs so you can decide.  My email is [email protected]


Was $18.95 – NOW $13.25

The Damask Monogram Kit is my favorite for quick, easy and classy single initial monograms.

The Damask Monogram Kit contains:  1 5/8″ Wood Stamper, Times New Roman 36 Character Font Set in uppercase 95 pt. font, plus bonus flourishes and symbols in a stackable type storage container, 3 interchangeable Damask borders.


This gift set of 6 cards and a box was made using the Damask Monogram Set, however, I used Special Occasions Font from the Special Occasions Monogram Set.  Times New Roman Font comes with the Damask Monogram Set, but as with all JustRite product, all fonts are interchangable, expanding your options.  I made this Gift Set last year for the JustRite Blog, and you can read directions to recreate this project here, complete with a tutorial on making the box!


Was $24.95 – NOW $17.45

The Curlz Monogram Kit is a fun set with a whimsical font that I especially like when creating projects with a light-hearted feel!

The Curlz Monogram Kit contains:  1 5/8″ Wood Stamper, 3 interchangeable Borders, 3 interchangeable Centers, 1 95 pt. Curlz Alphabet Set with Symbols and Flourishes, 2 50 pt. Curlz Alphabet Sets with letters (including extra vowels), numbers and symbols, all in a stackable storage type container.  The centers are:  Happy Birthday to you!, Congrats! You did it! (graduation), and It’s a Party! 


I created this fun monogrammed trio by once again combining kits. I used the same border again (gosh, think I like that border?) from the Damask Monogram Kit and combined it with Curlz Font from the Curlz Monogram KitYou can read more about how I made this project on my Blog here.  It even tells you how I did this bow treatment.  But this post give you photos of how I do this bow treatment, if you’d like to see.


Was $24.95 – NOW $17.45

The Special Occasions Monogram Kit has an elegant font that I am especially fond of for use on weddings projects or anything a bit more formal – just lovely!

The Special Occasions Kit contains1 5/8″ Wood Stamper, 3 interchangeable Borders, 3 interchangeable Centers, 1 95 pt. Special Occasion Alphabet Set with Symbols and Flourishes, 2 50 pt. Special Occasion Alphabet Sets with letters (including extra vowels), numbers and symbols, all in a stackable storage type container.  The centers are:  Best Wishes, You’re Invited, Cherish. 


I created this set for a gift about a year ago and oh yes, the same border again from the Damask Monogram Kit.  Honestly, I had NO idea I was using the same border over and over again — too funny!!!  This time I used the Special Occasions Font from the Special Occasions Monogram KitYou can read this post on my blog for further details and close up photos.

Thank you so much for stopping in today.  And if you do think you’d like some Monogram Kits either for yourself or as a gifts, remember that I have lots of pretty ribbon as well as Kaiser Pearls and Rhinestones to add to your monogrammed projects!   And I do ship internationally as well — in fact, I LOVE to ship to new countries — it’s fun!!!  Feel free to email me for postage quotes at [email protected]

Thanks much — hope to see you soon — I’ll post our Stamp Samply Challenge late on Thursday night as usual!!!  Have a GREAT day!



#1)  YES, the above kits are complete.  Just add paper and ink and you can create!

#2)  YES, I do ship internationally.   Email me your list, your address and I’ll get back to you with a postage price.  My email is [email protected].

#3) YES, you can use the 1 5/8″ Wood Stampers in these Monogram sets with other stamps.  Any stamp set made by JustRite that says it fits the 1 5/8″ Wood Stamper will work with the stampers in these Monogram Kits.  So, YES, A Merry Little Christmas Set, selling for $15.95 is a logical add-on so you can make Christmas cards.  Here it is:


#4)  So, you want to make personalized Christmas cards or tags like these.  What else do you need to buy? 


Tag details can be seen here.  Card trio details can be seen here.

To make either of these projects you need to have:

1) 2″ Wood Stamper with Bonus 15 pt Font and Center - $14.95

2) Holiday  Demi Phrases$12.95

3) A Merry Little Christmas$15.95

The above three products are shown in the photo below.


#5) You purchased some Font Sets when JustRite had their huge Font Sale a while back.  Do you still need to purchase a Monogram Kit to make monograms?   No, you don’t — All you need is to have a 1 5/8″ Wood Stamper which can be purchased separately for $8.95, some font (which you have already purchased), and some borders for the finishing touch to the monogram look.  The 3 Damask Borders are available separately for $6.95.  Another option is the From the Desk of/Library of/Kitchen of Borders, also available separately for $6.95.  Here’s a picture of those sets.



This sample shows the From The Desk of border with a monogram in the center using Times New Roman Front.  Purchasing this set gives more options to any of your monogram projects.  Also, I made this card before I owned any Nestabilities — just so you know, you CAN make monograms if your only cutting option is a paper cutter.  My favortie Nestabilities by Spellbinders have come to be the Petite Circle, Classic Oval and Petite Oval Nestability sets.  I sell them in the FULL sets of 2 ring sets and 2 scalloped sets per package — for a total of 4 sets per package.  I feel this is the best way to purchase them, giving you the most options and the most bang for your buck.  They are $79.99 per package. — photo coming —

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  1. Katiya says:

    Very much I want such beauty!! And delivery to Russia probably? How many delivery also will cost?

  2. Katiya says:

    Very much I want such beauty!! And delivery to Russia probably? How many delivery also will cost?

  3. bluemoon says:

    Such beautiful card sets Sharon. I got 2 of these after finding your blog last year! How do you get your DP to go on and cover your card behind so perfectly? Do tell. Thanks for your inspiration!

  4. Mary Friederichsen says:

    Thanks for the info Sharon, this really helps…..It also means I can save a little and get some other sets instead!

  5. Rose Ann says:

    I know I’ve seen these card sets before…but all of them are so fabulous, I just had to comment!! 😉

  6. Dorothy Freber says:

    Could you some time do a tutorial on some of the most beautiful bows that you tie. I love the one you used on the monogram trio. Thanks for the great blog!!!

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  10. Diane Kinman says:

    I am trying to email you at [email protected] to order two of the monogram sets. I cannot get the email to go through. Please help!!! I really would like these sets!

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