Nov 10 2009

Bigger Bows for the Holidays —

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— with the BIGGER Bow Easy!  Make bows for packaging, gift baskets, wreaths, your Christmas tree or anything that just might need a pretty, big bow!!!  I just today received a shipment of the BIGGER Bow Easy and I have a few sample bows to show you here.  And , YES, the BIGGER Bow Easy works just like the small one we’ve all been using for our cards and papercraft projects — it’s just BIGGER.  It measures 11.75″ x 13″, so you see, it is BIG.  The legs allow you to make bows in four sizes – 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″, when flat.  The bows lose width as you puff them up after made.  I’ll show you samples I just did:


This bow is made of some leftover 2″ wired ribbon from last year, from some superstore.  It has 10 loops, meaning I wrapped it around the legs 5 times.   It was made on the largest set of legs and after puffing it up it measures about 6.5″ wide.   I think this would look so pretty on an elegant *girly* package or gift basket!


Again, 2″ wired superstore ribbon.  This bow has 8 loops, meaning I wrapped it around the legs 4 times.  I see this on a pretty Christmas package or used on a wreath, or perhaps even a tree topper with long streamers hanging down.  This bow took me about 2.5 yards and it has tails that hang down about a foot.


Again, leftover 2″ wired, superstore ribbon.  This is a triple bow, having 6 loops, meaning I wrapped it 3 times around the legs.  This time I arranged the loops just to form the upper half, rather than the full rounded bow as in the first 2 samples.  Once you pull your bow off the Bow Easy, you can just fiddle with your loops and come up with any configuration that pleases you — it’s really so easy once the bow is made!  All three samples thus far are about 6.5″ across and were made on the largest legs.


Same ribbon, 2″ wired. This is the most simple of bows, a single bow, just wrapped around the legs one time.  I love this simple bow!  How pretty it would look on a package or gift basket handle.  And just imagine many of these adorning your Christmas tree — SOOOOO do-able, and it wouldn’t take long.  These bows you make yourself on the Bow Easy have so much more dimension and life than the flat bows you can buy in the stores.  Again, this bow was made on the largest set of legs and once puffed up as I have it, it measure’s 6.5″ across.  The BIGGER Bow Easy gives you 3 more options for smaller sizes.


This darling double bow was made on the 5″ set of legs using my May Arts Striped Grosgrain ribbon.  It’s about 4.5″ wide once fluffed up.  These pretty pink stripes remind me of a baby girl — maybe to decorate her room, or wouldn’t this ribbon be fun used as curtain tie-backs and then have these darling bows to place on the tie-backs — fun!!!  Or a pretty bow like this would be fun to adorn a girly little picture frame as well — lots of options!!!

I had more bows to show you using my May Arts ribbon, but as luck would have it, my camera battery died, so I’ll have to save them for another time.

I have plenty of the BIGGER Bow Easy in stock.  It is selling for $12.  If you’d like one, just email me at [email protected].  As always, I have plenty of the original, smaller Bow Easy as well.

I have 2 more items to add to my sale this week.  I haven’t said before, but I’m trying to reduce inventory as I’m moving my *ribbon store* downstairs, and the less I have to transport down, the better!  LOL!!!   Actually my *ribbon store* has kind of taken over the main level of our home, so it’s high time I move out!  I am reclaiming space in our basement that is actually abutting my stamp room.  The space used to be for the boys when they were little — it had twin beds for sleepovers, plus a daybed, foosball table, bumper pool table, exercise equipment, and all kinds of other boy stuff.  And since they’ve grown and haven’t used that space much to speak of in years, it also collected a lot of *stuff* that had no other home — so I think you’re getting the picture — LOL!!! I have MAJOR stuff to get rid of to empty this room so I can use it.  And it’s not an easy task, but that’s what I’ve been working on, and it’ll be a while yet until it gets to where I want it, but baby steps — each piece that leaves that room evokes a huge sigh of relief from me!!!

Anyway, back to the issue here — what am I adding to my sale priced items this week?  How about the Scor-It Boards.  I have them available in both the 12″ Full Sized Board and the Mini Board (which comes with a free tote).  Let’s say 20% off either board — how does that sound?  The large board is heavy, but I’ll say $8.95 shipping to any US address on the large 12″ board.   You can view and read about both boards here.

I am still accepting preorders of all the NEW JustRite product.   You can check out the links below to see my samples and you can check out the JustRite Blog for even more inspiration.

You may click here and here to see samples I made with the NEW Square Monogram product, and you may click here to see a sample I’ve done with the NEW 2″ Wide Monogram product.  You may click here to see a sample done with the NEW Just A Note Borders and Centers Set.

Feel free to email me with questions or orders!  [email protected]

The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store has a lot of specials going on right now to help you in your holiday preparation.  Here’s a quick rundown:

20% off the Full Sized 12″ and the Mini Scor-It Score Boards:

  • Full sized 12″ Scor-It Score Board WAS $49.95 - now $39.95 (shipping $8.95 in US)
  • Mini Scor-It Board with Tote WAS $29.95now $23.95

All ribbon by the spool  is currently 15% off.

  • I’m offering  30% off the original boxed Monogram Sets. Damask, Curlz and Special Occasions Monogram Sets are 30% off$13.25, $17.45 and 17.45, respectively.   They come in attractive and sturdy boxes, perfect for gift giving.

  • All buttons are greatly reduced.

  • Also, ALL CHRISTMAS SETS are 20% off.  That includes:

    • A Merry Little Christmas (1 5/8″ round size) – $12.75

    • Holiday Demi Phrases (2″ round, but fits others as well) – $10.35

    • Old Fashioned Christmas (3 1/4″ round) – $11.95

    • Christmas Treasures (3 1/4″ round) – $11.95

    • Christmas Joy (smaller oval, 1 3/4 x 2 5/16″ size) – $11.95

And that’s it for tonight — thanks so much for stopping in.  Sorry I didn’t have a project, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time!  Tomorrow is another day — I’ll try again!     



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  1. Jerri Kay says:

    Gorgeous bows Sharon, perfect for my holiday gift giving. I’m thinking the large bows are perfect for a Christmas gift bag, you know one of those large super-sized bags for big gifts. Small bows always look so out-of-place on them, now I’ll have a perfect tool for large bows . . . . no more pint size bows on large gifts! And thanks for the baby gift idea. My girlfriend adopted a precious baby boy and received her little bundle of joy two days ago. This is perfect!!!

  2. Marcie Sharp says:

    Those bows are fabulous! I can’t wait to get the bigger bow easy, and try it out on wired ribbon like you have. I think we all have a space in our home that has been taken over by ‘stuff’…it’s my spare room in our house!

  3. Beautiful bows! What a nice way to dress up a present. And I love the idea of putting them on your Christmas tree – it would be so pretty!

  4. Oh my goodness, Sharon, those bows are amazing!!!! Hugs, Sabrina

  5. Leigh says:

    Oh wow, fantastic. Emailing you now Sharon. lol

  6. Gift Baskets says:

    Love your big beautiful bows. We use the bowdabra but would love to try the Bow Easy. It sounds easier than the bowdabra and I love how you can measure out your bows.

  7. Jenny Gropp says:

    That first big bow is so dreamy — forget the present — just send that beautiful bow. This is the perfect tool to dress up Holiday packages in serious style!

  8. Rose Ann says:

    Wow…those are some big yummylicous bows, Sharon!!

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Sharon!

    Have been trying to email you regarding purchasing one of the large bow easy’s! Your email link keeps coming up as a default not installed properly…….not sure what that means! Can you please email me at [email protected] that way I will just be able to hit reply and get to you!



  10. jan hankel says:

    love the easy bow,do you sell wholesale? Please E-mail me at [email protected] or call 816.413.0765
    Thank you, Jan

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