Dec 08 2009

Just Touching Base

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Hi everyone. Just touching base — I had NO idea I wouldn’t be able to createandpost for so many days — all is well — life just keeps happening, and in full force I might add! The *extra* thing that happened here that I didn’t work into the schedule (LOL) is the state of chaos in my office.For starters,we’ve been trying to sell an upright piano that has lived for the past nearly 60 years in the room we call our office. It was the living room to the generation before us. Well, we found some takers, so the piano is supposed to begoing tonight. I’m happy, but I’m not so sure how my DH and boys feel. No one in our family plays it, or even knows how,but it’s just a matter of nostalgia. It’s always been there, so why does it have to go. You know? I did find some nice bookcase units to put on that wall, and they are being delivered on Thursday. So I’m super excited to be able to gather the books up from every surface throughout this house and have one nice home for them to reside. I’m trying to declutter in general, and this will certainly aid in that effort.

Then today my printer totally died on me. It’s been fussing for a bit, but I could always get it going, so I just dealt with it, hating to throw it out because there always seemed to be a brand new ink cartridge in it when it would act up. (Can’t waste those ink cartridges.) Well, today I think it took it’s final breath and its fate is written. Luckily, I knew this would happen one of these days, so I do have a brand new printer waiting in the wings to be installed. It’s considerably larger than my old printer, so this now involves a bit of rearranging on the computer wall. So, since over 1/2 of this room is being torn apart for one reason or another, I figure I might as well do the job right and give our office a good *spring cleaning*. So that is Wednesday’s job. The computer hutch, my chair and the area rug legitimately need to be replaced as well. I’d sure love for that to all happen this week, andI’m not sure it will, but I’ll surely try!!!

Anyway, that was probably more information than anyone cares to hear, but that’s life here right now, thus my lack of creative time. I’m still hoping that when all is said and done in the wee hours of tonight, that I’ll haveenough in me to make just a little something — we’ll see!!!


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I apologize for having no project to show you today, but I can link you to this MUST SEE POST! Jerri Kay has done it again with an ensemble that will literally knock your socks off. Her first post was today and her series will run all week long, so make sure to check in with Jerri daily.

Hope to be back soon with some quick and simple Christmas ideas! Thanks for checking in today.

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  1. Marisa says:

    Welcome to rolling with the punches as they say — or living the life of a mom LOL! You’ll feel fabulous once it is all said and done and we will still be here when you return 😀 Enjoy the redecorating and new goodies!

  2. Elaine Allen says:

    Sharon –

    Well at least you can say that life is not boring! Things will get done, and we will still be here waiting for your fantastic projects.

    Elaine Allen

  3. Kathie says:

    Fun to hear about life at the Johnson’s!!

  4. Joyce across the pond says:

    I wish I could get rid of our piano….it sits in the hall, both our boys played it….they’ve been gone 14 and 10 years ago and it is never played but hubby is nostalgic and won’t get rid of it….I just sigh….I could do with bookcases in that space too….how I envy you in the nicest possible way. You are doing your christmas clear out as I call it.
    Best wishes

  5. Its always been there, so why does it have to go. You know? I did find some nice bookcase units to put on that wall, I enjoyed every little bit part of it and I will be waiting for the new updates.

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