Apr 24 2010

Prom Night, Rose Ribbon & Pearls

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I have much to share today! Let’s start with my Dad. He is coming along very well considering all that has happened in the last 1 1/2 weeks. He was transferred via ambulance yesterday to a nursing home in our area for a period of recuperation as he gains strength and gets back to walking, etc. His confused state is pretty much gone and he is content in his new surroundings, closer to home. He is only about 15 -20 minutes from my Mom and sister and about 45 minutes from me, so that makes it so much easier on everyone! We have so much to be thankful for! God is truly GOOD!!! I do thank you again so much for your prayers and well wishes and ask that you continue to hold him up in prayer.

“15And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. 16Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

James 5:15-16 (NIV)


Now, please indulge me witha proud Mama moment. This is prom night at our school. Brian, our youngest, a high school senior, and his girlfriend, Brittany, a junior from a neighboring school, are going to the prom. Here they are, all dressed up fancy and ready to go out todinner first:


Oh, to be so young and beautiful! Now you have to see the full dress:


Brittanyjust could not have looked any more beautiful!!! And Brian is lookin’ A-OK, too!

Actually, Brittany wraps much of the ribbon you all order, so in that respect you kind of *know her* — LOL!!! Don’t know what I’d do without her!!! After dinner they have professional photos taken at school and then before the prom begins the parents and community are invited to the Grand March to see everyone all dressed up — and you can bet I’ll be there!!! Wouldn’t miss it for anything!!!


And since we are being all *fancy* here today, I’m going to show you some fancy new ribbons I just got in. Here’s a super quick project I made this afternoon to show you:


In my haste I forgot to take a *before* picture — so sorry! Just imagine how plain this swag would look without the ribbon — that’s how it was. This was a very inexpensive swag in my stash. It had a $7 price tag on it, so I’m assuming I bought it at 50% or less, as usual — LOL!!! It’s been laying around for years, never used. WELL — I thought my new wired ribbon would perk it up just to my liking! And it did. I think this will end up in our bedroom — the colors will go perfectly.


I used my new 2″ Silky, Crushed, Wired Ribbon — that’s a mouthful, but it perfectly describes this ribbon. The ribbon is ultra light weight, akin to my favorite silk, and it has that pretty, vintage crushed look, and the edges are wired so they actually stay where you want them — totally wonderful ribbon. I bought this ribbon specifically for packaging and home decor, but it is SO light weight, I’m thinking it’ll work on cards — I’ll try real soon and let you know what happens!

The bowis a triple bow (wrapped around 3 times)made on the 2nd largest legs of the BIGGER Bow Easy. The ribbon that isstrung through the bottom of the swagis entwined with Bridal Tulle that Icarry inThe Stamp Simply Ribbon Store forsale by the yard or spool.This was a spur of the moment project and took me no more than 10 minutes — honest! A remake of an unused item that makes me totally pleased!

OK, now here’s the rest of my fancy new ribbon — and I’ll post samples as I have time to make them up!


White, Lavender, Red, Olive, Pink, Yellow

1.5″ Sheer Woven Rosettes – $2.50/yd – $22 for a 10 yd spool


Blue, Light Fuchsia, Fuchsia, Red, Violet, Seafoam

String Pearls – Minimum Cut is 5 yds for $2.00 – You may request more.

Spool100 yds – $20.00


This is the ribbon I used on my weath above. This photo does NOT do it justice!

Red, Light Blue, Green, White, Ivory

Copper, Burgundy, Pink, Mauve, Champagne, Olive, Gold

2″ Silky, Crushed, Wired Ribbon – $1.00 yd – $18 for a 20 yd spool

My entire collection of May Arts Ribbons can be seen here in The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store. Just email me at [email protected] to place your order!

And that’ll have to be it for right now. The day got away on me and I must get going to school or I’ll miss that Grand March — can’t let that happen!!!

Thanks much for stopping in! I truly do appreciate all your visits, comments and emails. Many, many thanks! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. ann says:


    what a gorgeous young couple. they are just stunning. You can be very proud. I am so pleased that your dad is doing well. Praise The Lord!

  2. Shawna says:

    Beautiful girl —- handsome son, and so glad to hear that your dad is doing better! Kinda like the swag, too. 🙂

  3. Bev J. says:

    What a beautiful couple and what a gorgeous dress-like their coordinating yellows. Your wreath is kind of overshadowed (grin) but I like the redo-very pretty!! Hope your dad keeps improving and that he is now in the nursing home.

  4. Donna Maligno says:

    Sharon, you deserve a proud Mom moment. He’s a hottie and he has excellent taste in female hotties too!

  5. Deb Neerman says:

    Beautiful swag and ribbons, Sharon!

    Your photos are gorgeous … as is your handsome son and his beautiful girlfriend! BTW. that is one fabulous dress!

    Soooooooo glad to hear that your Dad is all moved and doing so well … that’s the best news! Will keep both of you in my prayers. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. ~Mary says:

    What a great post!
    So glad to hear your dad is doing better, the kids look so good in their finery, and the swag is gorgeous!
    I LOVE the new wrinkly ribbon. I’m thinking I need to go look in my stash for something to dress up with this ribbon….or maybe just add this ribbon to my stash!
    I’m still having fun playing with all the ribbons from my last order. 😉 Can’t wait to order again!

  7. Ok,

    1. AWESOME news about dad!! We’ll keep praying.
    2. Brian and Brittany look so sweet and YOUNG! LOL Ahhh, I remember those days.
    (Tell her thanks for doing an awesome job on the ribbon!)
    3. 10 minutes to make that incredible swag?! Good grief, woman. It would take
    me 10 hrs.
    4. The new ribbon is making me drool!

    I am so happy that good things are happening in your world. You’re like ‘mama’… when mama’s not happy, nobody is happy! 🙂


  8. Jerri Kay says:

    Sharon, I’m so thrilled that your Dad is now recovering close to home. Praise the Lord! Oh, I’m so envious that you got to see the kids dressed for the prom. Daniel drove to his date’s house and I still haven’t seen any pictures that were taken of them. Brittany’s dress is beautiful, as is she. They look like a prince and princess . . . such a beautiful couple! Your swag is absolutely gorgeous, what a fabulous idea to wrap the ribbon throughout and use in your bedroom! I have an old magnolia swag, you’re giving me ideas.

  9. Chris M from Michigan says:

    So very happy to hear that your dad is doing better and able to be moved closer to you. From the tone of your post, I can hear that you are very proud of your son. He and his girlfriend make a great looking couple. That dress looks gorgeous on her. Have a great weekend.

  10. Bonnie says:

    sooooooooooooooooo beautiful. . . just wonderful. . .

  11. Betsy says:

    So thankful that your dad is doing well…will continue to hold him up in prayer.
    Your son is very handsome and his girlfriend, like a dark-haired Barbie doll…love that dress!
    The ribbon was the perfect touch for your swag.

  12. michelle gall says:

    i am so happy sharon about your dad and brian sur cleans up nice wow soon my boys will be grown ono not to fastlol

  13. Deb Saaranen says:

    Wow…Brian and Brittany look just fabulous! Hope they have a great evening!

    Beautiful new ribbon and project!

  14. Carla Suto says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I am so glad to hear that your Dad is doing better and that he will be recovering closer to the family!
    What wonderful photos of Brian and Brittany! He is so handsome and she is just gorgeous!
    I love the swag with the ribbon bows! Your new ribbons are beautiful!
    Will continue to keep your Dad in my prayers.

  15. Marisa says:

    SO happy to her about your dad ‘s recovery, Sharon! The Lord is good!! Love the pictures of your “baby” and his girl. So nicely matched up with the yellow vest and dress. Yes, a wonderful mommy moment you can be very proud of and we can all enjoy with you. I’m about 7 years away but it will come soon enough!! Lovely work with the swag too. Trusting you had a fabulous evening and took lots of pics 😀

  16. Cherie says:

    Sharon, So very happy for you that your dad is doing better and is closer to those that love him so much! I’m sure that will aid in a quicker recovery. Yikes, that’s a great looking couple. Oh to be young again! 🙂 Beautiful swag with gorgeous ribbon!

  17. So happy that your father is better…..will be back to his self before your know it……What a adorable couple…..Brian and Brittany look so sweet……love her dress too…your swag is pretty…..I love that ribbon…..thank you for sharing your wonderful world…….

  18. k.m. says:

    Such a beautiful couple…..thank you for sharing a little portion of your life with us. I hope your evening was fun & relaxing for you…..you need that too!
    Glad to hear that your dad is making progress and is now closer to where you live…..I will continue to pray for you & your family. Take Care…..

  19. joanne/jojot says:

    fab project and ribbon…..thought I’d tell ya I just love my most recent ribbon purchases and used the pink with black dots on a card on my blog today and gave a shout out to you and your ribbon in the description….you really do have the most deeeelish ribbons

  20. Charlene says:

    We’ve been out of town for a bit so catching up…thankful your Dad is doing better and closer to family.

    What a stunning couple! No wonder you’re so proud!

    Awesome ribbons…

  21. Marilyn says:

    You go proud mom, you deserve it. . . .what a beautiful daughter and very good looking young man!!! Enjoy the moment. What a great thing their school does with the “Grand March”, so many parents would love to see what everyone looks like, kind of like a red carpet.

  22. Sherry in MI says:

    Sharon, what a beautiful couple. Your son is very handsome and Brittany is just
    stunning! Hope they have a wonderful time dancing the night away. Glad to hear
    that your Dad is improving and that he has been moved to a facility closer to the
    family. I’ll keep praying for a complete recovery for him.

  23. StampinCathy says:

    Beautiful couple and that dress is just awesome. So glad to hear that your dad is doing much better and I keep sending prayers your way. Wow that ribbon and pearls are just beautiful.

  24. Sharon L says:

    So glad to hear about your father”s central location. Your son and his girlfriend make a lovely couple. Love your swirly and crunchy ribbons. You hit a homerun!
    Sharon L

  25. Charlette says:

    So glad to hear that Dad is doing so well and that he closer to home for you to visit. Your Son and his girlfriend make such a beautiful couple. I hope they had a lovely time at the prom. Oh how I remember those days. May son is now 34 and and has 3 children. So god willing I be doing prom night with them.
    But the new ribbons are just yummy. You are killing me with this the rosette ribbon. I’ll be placing an order this week. Thanks for always sharing with us all. Have a wonderful day.

  26. Helen L. says:

    congratulations on your son, looking so good, and his date, as beautiful as could be;
    what a happy day to counter the worry you’ve had with your dad. I hope all goes well with him (your dad) and that he is able to make many improvements!
    What beautiful ribbon-more to add to my wish list. How would you attach the pearl ribbon to a card? Maybe a post when you have time to show how you’ve used it. Thanks and best wishes to you and yours.

  27. Lorraine Briel says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I can hear and read the relief and praise in your whole page today! (It is Monday 27th April at 10h30 in South Africa).

    I am so glad that your Dad is much better and recuperating and I pray that this trend will continue. All the glory and praise is due to Father God and our precious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

    Enjoy your day and keep praising. PS Your roses are gorgeous.

    Lorraine Briel

  28. Pat says:

    Great news about your dad — I will continue to keep him in my prays. Your son and his date are quite stunning — love the color. Swag is beautiful and the new ribbon is to die for —–

  29. Linda Bandow says:

    God is definitely Good….all the time and glad your Dad is doing so much better. Your son and his girl are just knock-outs….Love her dress…..my grand daughter went to Prom this year and I thought her dress was gorgeous but it should have been worn by someone in their later 20’s or early 30’s. Can you tell Grammalinda is just a bit old fashioned?

  30. Janine says:

    Beautiful pics Sharon!!!

  31. Pam says:

    Sharon, the swag turned out lovely……BUT I have to tell you that your son and his girlfriend look gorgeous and you must be so proud. Brittany’s gown is to die for!!!!

  32. Firstly – I’m just so glad that your Dad is doing so well Sharon – what a relief it must be for you and your family!! I pray he continues to regain strength and improve!!!

    Secondly – oh my, isn’t that a gorgeous looking couple!!! You have every right to have a proud Momma moment!! 🙂

    Thirdly – stunning swag! No-one does ribbon like you!!!

  33. Sharon, I hope your dad is continuing to get stronger every day. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of your handsome son and his gorgeous girlfriend; what a beautiful dress she wore! Such special moments to treasure. The swag you updated and all the ribbons are so gorgeous, too!

  34. […] Click here to see the 2″ Silky, Crushed, Wired Ribbon. This is just one post down. I just didn’t get this new ribbon listed on the store page yet, but I do have it availble. […]

  35. nancy littrell says:

    What a gorgeous young couple. Your son’s girlfriend could not be more beautiful and your son is very handsome. Your ribbon is beautiful too. TFS all……

  36. Sharon- I am so happy your dad is doing better; he really looks good in the picture! Your son is one handsome young man; and his date is a real beauty. Thanks for all the beauty you create and share here on your blog. I often look here for inspiration. Happy Mother’s Day!

  37. Sandy Knecht says:

    Your son is very handsome and he has chosen a beautiful young lady. Her dress is a knock out! It is so beautiful!

  38. Sandy Knecht says:

    Sorry, your ribbon is a knock out too!

  39. Hey great stuff, thank you for sharing this useful information and i will let know my friends as well.

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