Oct 16 2010

Glad Tidings Boxed Set, plus…

… we have  a WINNER from this week’s Stamp Simply Blog Hop.  The winner of this month’s Hop gets to select $50 of RIBBON of their choosing from The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store — fun!!!!

Random.org selected blog  #1 from which to choose the winner — well, Blog # 1 would be ME, so if you commented on my post you were in the running!  Random.org selected Comment #76 as the winner.  And our lucky winner was Leigh, and here is what she had to say:

  • # Leigh on 15 Oct 2010 at 1 35 am

    “You’ve done it again Sharon. I’m sold. lol Gorgeous cards and projects.”

  • Leigh, I’ll be in touch!  You can start selecting your ribbon!!!  And thank YOU to everyone who hopped along and played along with us!  YOUR participation is what makes it fun for us, so THANK YOU ALL!!!


    Now on to a little project I did.  Actually, I did this because I wanted to show you the new CLEAR BOXES I have in stock, AND getting another 3 Christmas cards ready, OR a little gift to give someone before Christmas, sure didn’t hurt either!  And this was a quickie project, so that’s always a bonus!!!  Take a look:

    Since my Glad Tidings KIT was still out, I decided to use it again.  Actually, I’ll likely be using it a lot for holiday projects this year.  I made a very simple trio of coordinated cards that will fit into one of my CLEAR BOXES.  This makes a nice little gift when you need just a little something to give someone — maybe a small hostess gift at Thanksgiving time as you visit about with friends, or just a little something to give a friend to brighten her day!

    I used one sheet of paper from the 12×12 Glad Tidings pad and cut it into 6 pieces, giving me 6 cards per sheet.  There are 3 of this sheet in the pad, so I could get 18 of these cards that would make up in no time flat!  I like that idea!!!

     Each card is only 4″ wide so that I could cover it completely with my designer paper (12″ divided by 3 = 4″).  And that’s OK.  It gives the card just a bit more of an elongated look, which I always love, anyway!!!  It is 5.5″ high.

     I used Nesties, round, oval and square, to make a background mat for my Grand Adhesions Stickers that coordinate with the Glad Tidings paper.   And that about does it.  I almost added tiny bows made of  Burlap String as I love adding string to natural cards, especially with birds, but I decided I liked them just fine without the string bows, but that is certainly a very likely add-on if you want something more!


    My inside sentiments were all stamped using my go-to set for Christmas sentiments – JustRite’s Christmas Nested Sentiments.  They are GREAT for the front of a card OR the inside — so they are getting double duty in my stamp room this holiday season!

    And here is this trio of cards inserted in a CLEAR BOX.   These 3 fairly flat cards and envelopes easily fit into the box,and many more could to make a larger gift set.   This is a standard A-2 sized CLEAR BOX.  The box could be further fancied up with a pretty bow or a belly band, but my purpose here today is just to show you the boxes!


    And I also use these CLEAR BOXES to store and protect my cards at home before I use them.  Here’s some cards I’ve done a month or two ago, safely protected in their own CLEAR BOXES.  These have a fair amount of dimension with Pima Fairytale Roses (all Primas can be seen here) and they fit in nicely.  This is also the perfect way to present a card, encased in its own special box!

    If you’d like to read more about this set of cards and the Scripture stamps, please click here.

    For mailing, my preference is to insert the CLEAR BOX into a padded envelope; however, you CAN adhere an address label to the CLEAR BOX and just send it through the mail as is — giving all the postal workers a treat as they view your lovely creations!!!


    A2 Size (Box Measures 4 1/2 x 5/8 x 5 7/8) – $10.00

    A6 Size (Box Measures 4 7/8 x 5/8 x 6 5/8) – $12.00

    You can read more about these Clear Boxes on this post, scroll way down.



    I’ve been receiving emails where quite a few of you are unfamliar with and confused about the JustRite stamps, especially since I’ve been saying I use the Nested series of stamps with the CLEAR stampers.  Many of you are left to assume that I am meaning regular clear acrylic blocks that you’d use for clear stamps.  NO, NO!!! And I DO apologize for leading you astray.  TOTALLY my fault for being too brief (being brief is NOT something I am typially accused of — LOL!)  I’ve taken a picture here to try to help you visualize:

    The JustRite stamps are different from any other.  They have a grooved surface on the back of the stamp that snaps into a like grooved surface on the JustRite stampers.  Until recently, all JustRite stampers were wood, but recently they have come out with the CLEAR stampers.  I am loving the CLEAR stampers as you can see through them for accurate placement, and with the type of projects I enjoy doing, this is especially important when stamping your sentiments right onto your project. 

    There is a lot of GREAT information on the JustRite sites about their product that I encourage you to read.  Click here to get to the JustRite site and click here to get to the JustRite Blog.  Once at either of those sites, click on the Headers near the top of the pages and you’ll be directed to all kinds of wonderful instruction and inspiration.

    I do carry and have in stock at all times the entire line of  JustRite products.  In most cases I will honor any reduced prices or sales that JustRite is running. I try to make it easy for you to get your JustRite products right along with your papers and ribbons, etc.

    To order from The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store, just email me at [email protected] with your list and your state/zip OR country.  I’ll get back to you with an invoice.

    You can view all COMPLETE  KITS available here.

    You can view all ribbons available here.

    You can view individual paper pads, supplies and stamps here.

    You can view all tools used here.

    You can view Odds-N-Ends for sale here.


    Thanks so much for stopping in today.  I do so appreciate all your visits!  Now I’m wishing you a wonderful Sunday and hope to see you again real soon!

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    1. Charlene says:

      Awesome Christmas cards, Sharon…and love those clear boxes! I’ve used them for years. Did you know you can mail in them? Just about any size will mail for $1.39 Great for special cards with lots of embellishments or a set of cards. Gives the mailperson a treat, too!

    2. Congrats to the winner!
      Also, wonderful projects!

    3. Gorgeous cards, Sharon 🙂 Those boxes are a MUST HAVE!

    4. Jean says:

      Hi Sharon, Leigh will be on top of the moon when she reads your post – you will almost hear her from there LOL!! Good for her – I know how she just loves your ribbons! Gorgeous Christmas cards using the Glad Tidings kit. I have put a card on my blog which I made using your style of card – love it [your style that is LOL].

    5. Leigh says:

      Oh my goodness!!!!!! That’s me!!!! Oh wow, so exciting. What will I choose??? Thank you, thank you Sharon.
      Jean texted me and said to look at your blog AS SOON AS I GOT HOME…..I did. lol
      Can you tell I’m pretty excited. rofl
      Also thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I know how busy you are.
      Once again, thank you, thank you.

    6. Diane Ahlers says:

      I am so glad you explained how the stamps work. I have been tempted to order some in the past, but looking at the pictures they seemed complicated. Now I get it. Thanks!

    7. These cards are just stunning I LOVE that Glad Tidings paper!

    8. Susan Z says:

      Very pretty cards!!! Lucky person who receives a gift of cards from you!

    9. Lynda Hill says:

      Congratulations, Leigh. Have a fun time picking out your goodies!!

      Sharon, as always these are absolutely gorgeous. You have such a flair for design and colors. I know I “need” these too, along with the boxes!! Thanks for enabling even more, LOL.

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