Apr 27 2011

Failed Trial Run

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Well, it’s a good thing I roll well with the punches — LOL!!! My Discount Code Trial Run that I announced an hour or so ago did not work — my apologiesto those of you having problems. I deactivated the code for now. My web guy is out of town but will fix it tonight — I am totally useless without him — when all is fixed, I’ll announce the sale again — my apologies!!!

I guess I’m better off making cards rather than trying to get too fancy-schmancy here on the computer — LOL!!!

Thanks for being good sports! We’ll try again, hopefully tomorrow, but ONLY if my web guy is IN town — LOL!!!

Editing to Add:

People want to know what is or will be on sale — SURE, no problem. I just pulled the previous post with the discount code as I had to deactivate the code for now, but I’ll put it back up as soon as I know things are fixed.

ALL JustRite product IN STOCK will be 20% off. When an item is sold out, it’s gone. A lot of JustRite is already on sale for as much as 50% off,so another 20% will be taken off the original 50% off, so that will yield a good savings. A discount code will be provided for these savings.

You can see all JustRite product here.

There is always a section in The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store for items at reduced prices. It’s on the right sidebar of the store, near the bottom, called SPECIALS. Just click there and all reduced items will pop up for you. Items in this area do NOT need a discount code — they will always ring up at checkout at the marked reduced price.

You are welcome to order non-sale items on the same order, they will just ring up at full price.

I’ll be back with the code as soon as it’s fixed. Perhaps late tonight or tomorrow sometime.


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4 Responses to “Failed Trial Run”

  1. Sandee Quitter says:

    Can we at least look at the sale items and plot and plan what we want???? Love a Sale.

  2. Juanita in Ohio says:

    Thank you for your great sense of humor and diligence.

  3. Pamela Rhinehart says:

    Sharon, I never comment but I just have to today. I was so worried about you because you are so good about blogging and all of a sudden you were gone. Your blog gives me such inspiration and your sense of humor makes me laugh. Just wanted you to know that we get concerned and care about you.

  4. Val P says:

    I have visited your blog often, you make such lovely cards and are an inspiration. I can’t wait to go visit your store and see what lovely items you have to offer.

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