Apr 25 2016

Bare Necessities Handcrafted All Natural Goat Milk Soap

We are deviating a bit from the norm with our blog post today  – and that’s fun sometimes!

I’d like to introduce you to a product I dearly {{{LOVE}}} and use daily.

Handcrafted All Natural Goat Milk Soap made locally by a sweet friend, Kimberly.


Kimberly’s business is known as Bare Necessities. She’s been making and selling soap locally for several years and just recently opened her own online shop known as

Bare Necessities Handcrafted.

Kimberly’s soaps are AMAZING.  Kimberly has had skin issues her entire life, so out of necessity she started experimenting making her own soaps and skin care products. She milks her own goats, has created her own recipes, and lovingly makes each bar of soap in small batches in her kitchen from all natural products.


And here’s my/our family story as to Kimberly’s soap.  A few years ago I bought a bar to try out.  They smelled SO good, I just could not resist. I chose Indonesian Rainforest.  I used it in the shower and was super happy with it. It lathered far better than any other handmade soap I had ever tried and left my skin feeling so soft.  Now, realizing I live in a house filled with guys, I never mentioned it to them, nor did I think they’d get too excited about it.  Over the next weeks, one by one I’d be hearing comments like “What’s that soap in the shower, it sure is nice!”  Well, YES, it sure was nice! My first choice of Indonesian Rainforest was a hit. It smells wonderful for me, but has an earthy, rustic smell that appealed to the guys as well.  Needless to say, it has been the ONLY soap in our shower for years. I do use other scents every so often, but the guys always use the Indonesian Rainforest.

And getting a bit more personal here, I have had scalp issues my entire adult life.  I’d get these little sores on my scalp. I have tried just about every shampoo out there and nothing ever helped the situation.  In talking with Kimberly one day, she suggested I try my Indonesian Rainforest bar soap in my hair. Well, it seemed rather odd to me, never having washed my hair with bar soap before, but I was game to try anything. After a few weeks, the scalp issues I had endured all my adult life were gone. Totally GONE.  I am a true believer in the healing properties of this soap. Not only that, it lathers super well in my hair and rinses out easily, leaving my hair squeaky clean, but more importantly it has restored my scalp to normal/good health!!!

And goodness, I don’t mean for this to sound like an infomercial, but I guess it does!

Gr Fam CR600449.jpg

This is Kimberly and her beautiful family.

I wish you could talk to Kimberly yourself. She has such a passion for her products and it just bubbles out of her.  I’m encouraging her to start a blog to more intimately share her products and the process behind them. She is a wealth of information on living “naturally” and would have so much to share.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a GREAT product and give a little shoutout to a family friend!



Find the Bare Necessities Handcrafted online shop here.

Goat milk soap, salt scrubs, & wood wick soy candles.

And as a way to keep in touch with Kimberly, you can LIKE the

Bare Necessities Handcrafted Facebook Page.

Treat yourself.

You will NOT be disappointed.


Back to the norm tomorrow.

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Have a GREAT day everyone!


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  1. Deb Saaranen says:

    I LOVE this soap as well…especially the Indonesian rainforest scent. My husband loves it too. Sometimes I find that some homemade soaps leave my skin kind of dry and seems to leave a residue….not this soap!!! My skin feels great after showering with it!

  2. Nancy says:

    I wonder how it works on eczema?

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