Sep 02 2019

SALE EXTENDED (due to an oopsie!) – 20% off extended thru Sept 3

Our AMAZON SALE of 20% OFF all Stamp Simply Clear Stamps & Steel Dies ran into a big oopsie for several hours on Sunday. During that time every single listing was marked as unavailable. NOT SO! Something went wrong and in the attempt of the powers to be that fixed it, the items began to slowly show up again as being available, but not on sale. Eventually, things righted themselves.


We wholeheartedly apologize to those of you trying to shop during those unfortunate hours on Sunday, and in that light we have extended the AMAZON SALE to include one more day!


Shop Stamp Simply on Amazon

to get those sale prices!

Once you click into the item, the coupon appears.


Shop The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store here

to see our exclusive line of stamps, dies and so much more!

Wed LOVE to have you scroll down to see all the beautiful work by our very talented Design Team.

Enjoy your Labor Day.

Still praying for all those in the path of Dorian.

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