Feb 13 2008

Blog Candy

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I realize I am way overdue in providing some Blog Candy. As I don’t have a ton of product from a lot of companies as some might, I thought I would just give what I have — and that is — surprise, surprise — something I made! And I’ll be perfectly honest with you, this trio of boxes is the most very favorite thing I have made in a long, long time. So, the winner will receive this trio of boxes, shipped to you safely packaged in a Priority Box (assuming you are in the USA — foreigners, you ARE welcome to enter as well). Here they are:


To makes these boxes I used 12 x 12 Prismatics papers by Prism, a 6 x 6 pad of Periphery Designer Paper by Basic Grey, and a stamp set called Flourished Elements by Flourishes. This is the link to my prior post on these boxes, which tells you more about them and gives the measurements on how to score them if you’d like to make your own. Both the Periphery Paper and Flourished Elements can be purchased at Flourishes.

OK, now to be in the drawing to win this trio of boxes, all you have to do is leave a comment below, telling me what is your favorite style of card that you are hoping to find when you Blog hop — that’s it! One comment per person please, but I’ll leave this open until 10 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday night, Feb. 16, after which time I will select a winner with a random number generator. I’ll post the winner as soon as it is selected.

Ok, that’s it!!!! Good luck!!! (And tomorrow’s post SHOULD be a file box for my Bible Verse Index Cards with a template/tutorial).

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  1. Angie Warren says:

    Wow! Am I numero uno? I love these boxes and I LOVE your blog!! Number one never wins but that’s okay I just had to tell you how awesome you are!! 🙂


  2. Michelle says:

    Sharon, those boxes are beautiful! I like to see all kinds of cards in my blog-hopping! I find it all inspiring!

  3. Monica says:

    I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I read your blog faithfully. 🙂 As a new stamper it’s so wonderful to read and look at all the beautiful creations you make! Love those boxes!!

    I just started my stamping blog… I’d love to have you come by and visit!


  4. Jan Scholl says:

    I always look for cards that dont have thatlook of I copied so and so’s style. I like layers and fun ideas and stamps that no one else is using. So if its the hot stamp of the month, I will pass it up. I have a lust file in my Reader and try to find several a week to add to it. I should make it public.

  5. Bobbi Gumino says:

    Have to admit, lately for me it has been all about designer paper, and different ways to use it…so of course, I’m lovin’ these boxes…thanks for sharing!

  6. Susan says:

    Oh your boxes are beautiful!! My favorite style of card I hope to find has a simple but quality look to it. I love cards that look fabulous, but are easy enough to reproduce.

  7. Kathleen says:

    OMG I can’t believe you are parting with these boxes, they are truely beautiful, I loved them the moment I saw them on your earlier post. My weakness is gift boxes and bags but I am always despartely seeking ideas for male cards of all ages. Baby and toddler cards come easily but when boys get older than 8 they cause me brainache.

  8. Karin says:

    I don’t have a favorite specific style as various types catch my eye all the time 🙂 I can say that I love projects and non card items that I can make as gifts and people don’t put away!

  9. SHERYL says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous. How can you part with these? LOL!! Anyone would love to have these, I know I would…:0) Anything pink/brown scheme will catch my eye as well as “cutesy” type cards.

  10. Nancy says:

    I have always loved these boxes! Companies SHOULD give you lots of free stuff, because I buy them because of your samples! I have many of the Flourishes stamps as a result!

  11. Velta says:

    Oh My What a gift to be giving ! I love simple and elegant cards. However, when you see a cutsie stamp that has been designed just right, you cannot help but be inspired 🙂

  12. jeannen2 says:

    Oh Sharon! The boxes are gorgeous! I love to find any card on any blog that spells out the supplies and a tutorial if needed. I always find that here and I appreciate it so much! I’m an eager learner! TFS! Jeanne

  13. Kim says:

    Wow, what incredible blog candy!!! I think what I look for is something different, as in original. Something that really catches the eye, which your blog always does for me! Thank you so much for the inspiration Sharon!

  14. Sabrina aka okimom2girlz says:

    I believe this is the gift box set that actually drew me to your blog. I love your style and the talent you have. I am daily awaiting the e-mail updates with such excitement and can barely wait to see what you’ve created. You are truly blessed and blessing to others.

  15. melanie pl says:

    I think people really put their best out there on the blogs. I am constantly blown away by the skill and creativitiy!

  16. I love to see new ideas and things that I haven’t seen before when looking for cards on blogs. (That is kind of hard to do huh?) I also, just like to case cards for me to try…. so the kind of card doesn’t really matter…

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful boxes… WOW… they are gorgeous!

  17. Lisa Robb says:

    These boxes are just fantastic. I have tried to make a different type of box once and it took me forever so i haven’t made one since. What a fantastic idea for Blog Candy! I like to look at any style of card especially if it is different to my own style because i am always open to new ideas. My cards tend to be a bit boring so i love to see cards with a lot of detail.

  18. Carolen says:

    Generally, I like elegant cards. I like to see something different!
    Sometimes, as I visit the various blogs I feel that a lot of the
    work is very much the same.

    These are amazing boxes and I agree with a previous poster that companies should indeed be giving you oodles of freebies!

    Thank you so much for making your blog available to us!

  19. Janine says:

    Beautiful boxes !! I like to see new and different designer paper and how people pair it up with different cardstocks and embellishments.
    Love your work !!

  20. Nancy says:

    WOW the boxes are beautiful. I really don’t have a specific style of card. What I look for are cards that are elegant and rich. I want someone to open a card that I sent them and to be really touched by what I made. I want them to feel special and to know that I “really ” do care and think about them.. I do like fun cards but what catches my eye first are the elegant ones.

  21. Viv (VivLyn) says:

    I would be thrilled to receive something you made anytime!!! These boxes are lovely!!

  22. April Vicary says:

    I really like those bags, those are just beautiful.

  23. Jacque (SCS: Petals) says:

    Did you hear it? Did you hear that ear-piercing squeal? Yeah, that was me–This is awesome, awesome blog candy! I can’t believe I have the chance to win something you’ve made, wowzers!

    Anyhow, when I blog hop, I’m looking for several things…new ways to use things I already own, different layouts, and my favorite kind of card-those that are fairly detailed yet have a simple/clean look. Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Kathyc on SCS says:

    Wow Sharon, these are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win them! As to the type of card I look for, I would say, something I can CASE (or at least be totally inspired by) LOL! I love blog hopping for many reasons, but if I need to make something & I am looking for inspiration, it’s usually for something clean, and simple but with STYLE!! Much like many of your creations! Your cuttlebugged valentine is a prime example, (with instructions to boot, thanks for that!). Happy Valentines Day!

  25. I don’t have a blog and I would be afraid to make such a commitment. I do read your blog every morning very early and enjoy the challenges each Friday. I continue to check all week for the lastest additions. You are such an inspiration to me, your style is one I love and admire. I like you feel overwhelmed at the number of cards that one has to make so not to disappoint the ones who would expect nothing less. I am a fellow Michigander but I am down here near the city. Please continue your good works because I am sure sometimes it must feel like a chore to always be creative. I have also enjoyed your older posts they also continue to add variety. Thank you Sharon.

  26. Pat says:

    I am always looking for a clean, simple card that is made with attention to detail and quality. Your design are always top notch! These boxes are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


  27. Cheryl K says:

    Wow. What beautiful boxes. I am looking for anything to inspire me, not necessarily the same style at any given time. Whatever strikes the day! Thanks for sharing!!!

  28. Denise Groves says:

    These boxes are beautiful. AND so is your blog. I love reading your entries and your designs are fantastic. I don’t know that I have anything in particular that I look for when blogging, I love just admiring. I know that I get really happy to see something altered. TFS.

  29. bronih says:

    Hi, Sharon! These boxes are just wonderful and one of my favorites of all your projects, too! When I’m blog-hopping I love to look for cards that are definitely different in style from what “everyone” else is doing. I look for “fresh”! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome blog candy!!!

  30. Sonia says:

    What a unique and awesome offering for blog candy! I’ve loved those boxes since you showed them before Christmas how great would it be to win some!
    The blogs I subscribe to are so varied in styles it’s pretty funny. My style is not defined, I find more and more I’m drawn to a card by the color choices and I can’t stay away from DP!

  31. Bev says:

    The boxes are just beautiful!

    I like to find “easy mailer” cards. With postage going up again, I like to save my pennies and really; simple is my style. More elaborate cards I try to give hand to hand.

    A comment on your post about being a “bad blogger”. I love your blog and have often thought I don’t know how you work it all in. Great Job.

  32. Chris says:

    WOW….I would love to win your boxes. They are beautiful. When I blog hop, (which has turned into a 2 coffee time span each morning), I tend to look at color combos. Also as soon as I spot a House Mouse card…….I love those little rodents. LOL I read on somebody’s blog this morning that there is a new line of stamos out by the same artist. “Grumbles” I think they are called. (cute little bears)

  33. flossie says:

    wow, this is fantastic, these boxes are AWESOME, I like to find simple cards that have a pop, I have all sorts of embellishments and goodies but very rarely use them, usually wind up making something simple. Guess I should look for card with lots of embellishmetns so that I can see what it is I need to do with the goodies I have LOL. Your boxes are beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  34. Natalie says:

    What gorgeous boxes! I love to see all kinds of card designs, incorporating different papers, tools and accessories. I find that the layered cards catch my attention more than others; they seem more like a work of art that has been built from scratch.

  35. Chris says:

    When I am blog hopping, I am looking for new ways to use the stamps and embellishments that I already have. MY style of cards are mostly cutesy & whimsical, but I LOVE to look at the elegant styles and drool and dream that one day I can make one SO very elegant!!! 🙂

  36. Dottie K says:

    Wow I love those boxes-stunning! I love pattern paper and love to see it used in different ways and incorporating stamps I have with it. I really admire your work. TFS 🙂

  37. Holly says:

    Wow, those boxes are GORGEOUS. How can you think of giving them away to a perfect stranger???? Not that I’m complaining, but still……. 🙂 Just beautiful work.

  38. Anne says:

    Wow!! What awesome boxes!! when I blog surf I like looking for cards made with the stamp sets that I already have or am thinking about getting and if I just happen to come across something that is just wow I’ll stop and read the details. Thanks for being one of the sites that I actually like to read. Your work is always beautiful..

  39. kearneykrafter says:

    I would be honored if I was chosen, to win such a georgous blog candy creation!! Thank you for the chance at these, and may I just say, they are “candy” enough just to look at on the monitor! Congrats on such a sucessful blog!

  40. Rachel says:

    Beautiful boxes! I love the cards that you make because they are so elegant and sophisticated. thank you for sharing your wonderful talents!

  41. Joani says:

    Sharon, these boxes are simply amazing! Your work is always wonderful! When I blog hop I really don’t want to see any one thing in particular. I just love to look at the swarm of ideas from so many talented people. That in itself is wonderful!
    Thanks for the awesome blog and blog candy ~ you ROCK girl!!!

  42. Mary Arnold says:

    I love those boxes of yours. Found my way originally to your site via Jenny Moors stamping moments blog and I am so glad I did as you do some lovely work. I haven’t really got a specific favorite as I like all techniques but I do look for cards that I can copy to a degree but input my own little extra bits. Good luck in all you do and keep blogging

  43. Angel says:

    Style of card? I like simple, yet stunning and lately I’ve loved the “retro” look!

  44. Tera says:

    Those boxes are soooo cool!!! I love the colors and that stamp set has been on my wish list since I first saw them – too bad my budget won’t cooperate 🙂

  45. Susan Hall says:

    Sharon I love all your cards designs, I read your blog daily. Particapate in your sketches , I like simple easy cards. I like the layer look to, but mostly simple. Susan

  46. Ginny H says:

    I look for lots of things, but mainly I like simple but elegant. The boxes are to die for!

  47. Pinky says:

    Sharon, I would rather have some hand made anytime than something you can go to the store and buy. I love more simple cards because sometimes I think we have to be too technical to get noticed. Your projects are wonderful and I have cased several of your ideas in the past. I would be thrilled to win your boxes!


  48. Carol B says:

    Those are such pretty boxes! I’ve recently found your blog and I visit just about every day. Love your style…very classy.

  49. Jennifer says:

    My favorite kind of card to find when I am blog hopping is the simple one layer cards. I am all about the simple (even if they do have more than one layer).

  50. Linda S. says:

    Oh, I just discovered your blog, and I absolutely love your work! The funny thing is, I completely fell in love with the box trio-so I’m excited for a chance to have them for my very own!!!!! My style of card has always been whimsical and cutsie, but my tastes are changing. Especially since viewing you blog, you are very talented! Thanks for sharing your art with all of us!

    Happy Stamping,

    Linda S.

  51. Lori says:

    Those boxes are gorgeous! I like to see the more simple cards because I don’t have as many supplies as others. I can’t keep up with the latest and greatest all the time. Plus, I really like the look of clean and simple cards.

  52. Cris A says:

    Those boxes are beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win them! I can think of a million ways to use them!

  53. Hi Sharon , I look for elegant cards and cards with lots of layering and embellishments . I do not like headless people or stick people and usually turn away from cards with those types of images on them . I love just about everything you have ever done that I have seen ! Thanks for a chance to win those lovely boxes ! Come visit my blog anytime , I have only had it up for about 3 months . http://www.stampinstelsuniquecreations.blogspot.com

  54. Robin says:

    Wow! These boxes are lovely! What a pretty gift presentation!

  55. Barb Hendrickson says:

    These are just beautiful. I’d love to be the lucky winner. 🙂

    Love your blog!!


  56. Debbie (DeborahLynneS) says:

    Oh– my favorite boxes too!!! I really want these– I love so see new ideas for different cards and techniques– I enjoy the tutorials for scorng boxes and such…

  57. Nellie says:

    Love the boxes. I can use them for many different things. Thanks for sharing your christianity.

  58. Lori in KS says:

    I just love looking at your blog daily. I really don’t have a favorite card design. I’m always looking for new layouts that is fun & different.

  59. Tracy Y says:

    I visit your site every day and enjoy all the projects you share with us. I like all different styles of cards, but I tend to make more of the simple, clean, elegant cards. You made a single-layered, dry embossed Christmas card that I have made over and over for various occasions (ie Sympathy, Thinking of You, and most recently Valentine’s Day) Thank you for your creative genius!

  60. Carolyn (snowmanqueen) says:

    Your boxes are wonderful. What I look for on a Blog is simple, but pretty cards, that require extra postage. I mail a lot of cards.

  61. Sharon in NE says:

    I am a TCP nut, so anything with The Cat’s Pajamas stamps on it grabbed my attention every time. I like vintage – retro or everthing from the 1900s to the 1960s.

  62. Serstin says:

    I just love the blog and have recieved sooo much inspiration blog hopping. I love simple but elegant cards. I especially got inspiration from the cuttlebug valentine, I made 5 but with my own twist. My husband was impressed with them and how easy they actually were to make. Thanks so much. The boxes are great.

  63. Vanessa says:

    Your boxes are beautiful. I stumbled on your blog from Melanie Muenchinger’s blog. Your stuff is lovely. I can’t wait to see your Bible verse box so that I can make one for me. . .it will help me memorize more verses if they are in a pretty box. Thanks for sharing!

  64. Linda Snoek says:

    I love seeing simple designs that I can recreate without getting out a lot of stuff. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  65. Jamie Sears says:

    I have a hard time coming up with layouts- so I am always on the look out for unique layouts with multiple layers. I also look for simple cards that make good make-and-takes at workshops.
    Love your blog! You are very talented!

  66. BonnieJ says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win something that you hand made. I would be honored to receive your blog candy. Thanks for all your hard work on your website.

  67. Kiko says:

    These boxes are wonderful! I loved your baby cards made with the Prismatic papers as well. Where do you buy your Prism cardstock? I’ve gone to their website via your link, but it appears that they do not sell to the general public. I would love to be able to order some of the colors you’ve used.

  68. JGreen says:

    Love all the things you do, but especially the use of embossing dies for your cuttlebug. It is great to see new ways to use a product you already have. Visit you everyday!!!! Love you Sharon!!!

  69. Candy says:

    I always look for cards with different color combinations!

  70. Fiorella says:

    What gorgeous boxes!!! I definitely love them. The cards I make have usually a vintage look.
    thank you

  71. Susan G says:

    Those boxes are gorgeous. To win them would be wonderful. When I visit blogs, I enjoy all styles of cards. I once thought I leaned toward the multiple layered, super embellished things, but now I’m thinking the simpler ones might be more my style. I love to see everyone else’s creativity. That gives me inspirtion.

  72. Claire says:

    those boxes are beautiful. I hope I win.

  73. Lois says:

    Gorgeous boxes, Sharon! What a great give-away prize.

    When I blog-hop (which I don’t do a whole lot), I usually look for something I could CASE — a few layers, a few embellishments — nothing too complicated. I’m basically a non-complicated person. I like Cuttlebug stuff. I’ve spent so much money on mine that I have to use it a lot to justify the cost. LOL!

  74. Barbara says:

    I love simple desgins with bold colors

  75. Kelley H. says:

    I love the distressed look. Distressed paper with distressed edges!! Oh, yeah!!

  76. barb schram says:

    WOWSERS! These are incredible! How wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity to receive one of your creations!

  77. Catherine says:

    WOW! these boxes are gorgeous, I hope I got to keep them =)
    Thanks for teh chance!

  78. Giovana says:

    Your boxes are beautiful!!!! I love them all. Lately I’ve been trying different kind os cards, depends of my mood, LOL.
    Today. I’ve been searching for pocket cards, I found some but I will still trying for different styles.
    God bless

  79. Chery R says:

    Beautiful work on those boxes! My fave type of card when I’m blog hopping is the mutil-layer, all dressed up. I’m not going to make them, but I love to see the work that goes into them!

  80. Elizabeth says:

    OH! Those boxes are beautiful! I love to see ideas of cards using designer papers.

  81. Alicia says:

    Those boxes are absolutely gorgeous!!!
    When I am blog hopping I usually look for cards that are simple and elegant. When I need to do a quick card I always find inspiration from those.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  82. Val Pass says:

    My favorite cards are those that are elegant! Your blog is one of the first that I look at when I need inspiration. You have that elegant style that I love! Please keep up the beautiful work.

  83. Andrea Mason says:

    This is the most beautiful blog candy I have ever seen!

    When I blog-hop I love to see cards that inspire me to try something new.


  84. Jan Ledman says:

    Love the blog candy. You do such beautiful work. I love to see cards that are just all-around classic’s.

  85. Alicia says:

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful art that you share. I just love your blog. The style that most draws me is something that makes me say, “maybe I could do that,” and then inspires me to do so! Does that make sense? I love anything that is Stampin UP as well.
    Thanks again for being so generous in sharing your talents!

  86. Tara says:

    I love the boxes. What I look for while blog hoppin’? Hmmm….. I’m looking for the unusual. I love to see things that aren’t usually used for stamping. Boy cards and masculine cards are also something I look for. I see LOTS of flowers, and that’s great, but we stampers have men in our lives who really don’t like to receive all the flowery stuff. Granted my 3 yr old doesn’t care what he gets from his momma, but his uncles don’t like all the flowers. =)

  87. Chris says:

    Wow! What gorgeous boxes! I don’t know how you can part with them! Thank you for giving us the chance at winning them!

  88. Melissa says:

    The chance for a Sharon original?! Count me in!

    I like seeing cards that can be easily duplicated using different colors and/or stamps. Sometimes those are the kinds of cards I need to get my stamping mojo moving again!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

    Many Blessings,

  89. Lori says:

    Now, this is my kind of blog candy. There is absolutely nothing better than handmade gifts. Soooooooo pretty! I can’t wait to see it ALL when I’m blog hoppin. I’m so busy looking my DH has run out of clean undies. Better go!

  90. Sue R says:

    I LOVE these boxes -anything homemade rocks!! I love designer paper. I have so much of it lately and get it cause I see what can be done with it. The only problem is I tend to hoard it and I’m afraid to use it. I love seeing projects using the papers and different sketches…..hoping it will help me stop hoarding and take the plunge. I love your blog…..so full of inspiration!!!!

  91. Lisa Martin says:


    Your work is just awesome. I love seeing both your SU and other companies creations. When I come to look at blogs I mostly am just looking for inspiration and you always give it!! Thanks

  92. Cindy says:

    I really like your stuff! I have become a fan through Flourishes.

    When I blog-hop, I look for cards with concepts that I can carry over to scrapbooking.

  93. holly says:

    The boxes are beautiful-thanks for the chance to win them. What I like when I am blog hopping is anything unique,original, and colorful. Cards that don’t have that ‘cookie cutter ‘ look, I love.
    Your blog is very inspirational-thanks

  94. Jill says:

    I’m always looking for cards that use product I have on hand. Thanks for a chance at those beautiful boxes.

  95. Tammy says:

    OMGosh, to have one of your beautiful creations grace my Stamping Sanctuary… that would be da’ bomb, Sharon! A card-style I would like to find while blog hopping would be some of the more “grungy” distressed things I’m seeing more of lately. I like the look, but don’t feel comfortable trying it myself, and don’t have a lot of the supplies and/or stamps one might need. So something simple, I could CASE to get the mojo going would be great!

  96. k. m. says:

    These boxes are beautiful! I am gonna have to try making some very soon.
    Many different styles of cards give me inspiration…..however, I do like the simple, elegant styles best of all.

  97. A.J. says:

    Love your boxes! I like to see the different types of folds that card maker’s create. Keep up the great creativity!

  98. Barbara says:

    WOW these are really pretty! I look for cards that are unique, simple and recreateable by me.

  99. Bonnie says:

    Oh Sharon, how generous!! I have a hard time giving up the things that I make!! I LOVE to see your blog everyday! When I blog hop, I really am hoping to see a card that is simple enough for me to tackle and yet elegant enough to look like I spent all day making it!!

  100. marisa (whiterockmama) says:

    Great boxes, with your classic touch all over them 🙂 As for the card style I look for — yours! Classic and elegant – yup that would be you 🙂

    Since I’m in Canada, on the wild chance I should win (highly doubtful as I have never won anything in a draw in my life!) I’d be happy to receive a few of your cards cards as an alternative should you want some cheaper shipping rates 🙂

  101. Sandy Kay says:

    I look for simple cards with not a lot of frou-frou that are practical to create and mail out! Your boxes are beautiful. You may send them to me if I am the fortunate one to be picked!

  102. Karen Trueman says:

    Oh, me me!! I never win anything!

    The type of card I like??? I like movement. Card that feature some creative moving parts, Waterfall, spinner, pop ups, etc.

    My most fav set right now that I’m studying is “Embrace Life”


  103. Jaime says:

    I am a big blog hopper (thanks to http://www.bloglines.com, I can save a little time while blog hopping) 🙂 I love your blog and all your stamps and altered things.

    When I blog hop, my favorite thing to find right now are cards where the image has been colored using Copic markers. I am new to stamping, but I just bought some Copics and I can’t wait to try them out!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  104. Karen Morgan says:

    Your work is “a touch of class” ! Thanks for being a GREAT blogger!

  105. Chris Mott says:

    I would be honored to receive these GORGEOUS boxes!!! Wow, I love flourishes and to have them coordinate with these lovely boxes. Thanks for an opportunity! chris

  106. Anita says:

    You did such a beautiful job making those boxes. I can’t wait to try and make some! Thanks for the chance to win!


  107. Charmaine says:

    I loved these boxes when I first saw your post…and would love to own them 🙂

    When I blog hop I actually hope to find new things to inspire me…my current favorite style is the gate fold card though.


  108. Jarie says:

    Your boxes are just gorgeous. The card that I seem to have passion for is one that is simple, classy and very elegant. Thanks for the opportunity to win these gorgeous boxes.


  109. Heidi says:

    These are so cool. I would love to win. Thank you so much for your inspiration each day.


  110. Kelly says:

    Wow, beautiful blog candy! Thanks for the chance to win!! When I’m blog-hopping, I like to look for cards that inspire me. Lately I like to see cards with fun embellishments, but I also like shaped or different sized cards….mostly I just like to look at anything!!

  111. Jenn D says:

    I love these boxes! They are gorgeous. When I’m blog hopping I’m usually looking for a unique idea or a new fold to try out.

  112. Juanita says:

    I don’t have a specific style that I am looking for, I just look for inpiration, something to break me out of my rut. I don’t like distressing though.
    I love those boxes and have a warm and cozy home for them to live in!

  113. Judy says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Your blog was the first one I discovered among stampers and still my very favourite! I love your style which seems to me is kind of classic, straightforward, not overdone.

    Thanks for your generous blog candy offer.


  114. Tracy says:

    Honestly? I’m not sucking up, but I love the cards YOU post. I’m always drawn to card with lots of layers and embellishments. But when I create, it’s usually something simpler like you make. And I LOVE that! Thanks for the goodies. I adored these boxes when you posted them.

  115. Darlene L says:

    Your trios are awesome–we all would be thrilled to win. My favorite cards are those that are simple but still have a big bang. Clear as mud–right? By that I mean I like well designed cards without clutter but they show you put in effort by using special techniques or awesome embellishments. darlene

  116. Good grief these are gorgeous! I love everything about them! The color combo is so beautiful! You are one talented lady! Thanks for the opportunity!

  117. Lisa says:

    You website and cards are are amazing…I love the boxes…INCREDIBLE! I love your cards using flourishes

  118. Harriet Skelly says:

    I’d rather have something you made like these boxes rather than blog candy any day!! I love coming here daily and seeing the simple and elegant cards. You are definitely an enabler – I finally bought myself a Score Pal!! Thanks for your inspiration!

  119. Wendy says:

    Wow! These are beautiful! I love you blog and all of the ideas and inspiration you provide!

  120. Virginia says:

    Oooooo, GORGEOUS boxes!! I look for any cards/3-D items/SB pages that are in the style that YOU most often use, which is elegant! I love every single thing I’ve ever seen on your site and visit daily! Great stuff, wonderful stamping and artistic choices!! :O)

  121. Silke Ledlow says:

    I love these boxes too!!! Hope that I’m the lucky one!!!

    Also I’m sorry for bombarding you with the latest award…..- I had no idea that you received 100’s already, but anyway… you know already how much I enjoy your blog!!!

  122. Amanda Angert says:

    Hmmmmm…when I blog hop I just like to see how people are using their stuff — stamp sets, ribbon, paper, embellishments, etc. I like looking at others’ color combos and layouts as well. Great blog candy! Your blog is one of my favorites!!

  123. Roxanne J says:

    I visit blogs to get ideas on how to use all the stuff I’ve bought .Thankfully I also Have the periphery 6×6 paper. This is a great use of the product.

  124. Helen K. says:

    Here’s my system. First I look at your blog and cards, hoping they will be ones for Biddies or class . Then I go looking for two types of cards, more detailed cards for family events (birthday, holiday etc.) and simple styling (like your Friday challenges) for quick notes and letters. Hoping you won’t have to spend anything on shipping! Helen I’ll even pick them up!

  125. Tricia says:

    These boxes are beautiful!

    I really like distressed cards because I love the shabby look. But I enjoy any style, or anything that makes me say “WOW” out loud.

  126. Jacque says:

    I absolutely love these boxes!! You did a fabulous job on them and can’t wait to see if I can do anything even close to them. As for cards, I am always looking for the gorgeous cards that are doable by anyone. Easy techniques that look elegant, but are easy to do.

  127. Sue B says:

    ooh! pretty boxes, girl! thanx for the blog candy opp as well as being a regular source of inspiration!
    later, alligator!
    – SueB of sueblondin.blogspot.com

  128. Shawn K. says:

    Your boxes are just beautiful! I look for cards that grab me because of the colors, or the layout, or the innovative way that the creator put things together. I guess I’m just a “card hussy” as I love them all!

    Shawn K.

    AKA Stampingshawn on SCS

  129. Teza says:

    OMG!! These are just gorgeous!! What amazing blog candy!!

  130. Wow what a great prize! Right now I am looking for simple and elegant card using the Cuttlebug when I blog hop. =)

  131. Crystal says:

    I look for cards that stand out with bling or pizazz.

  132. Julie says:

    Sharon, this is the BEST blog candy you could offer! I would die if I won these! You are so sweet. My favorite type of card is elegant cards, because I struggle to make that type. Thank you!

  133. Terr says:

    Who wouldn’t love these boxes! Your website is such an inspiration to all!

  134. I love the WOW cards, but I am mostly looking for something inspiring, which would be something easier. Clean lines, great embellishments, crisp images. I also seem to be drawn to anything made with SU sets.
    Thanks and have a great day!!

  135. Lisa says:

    Those boxes are beautiful! I hope I win!

  136. Donelda says:

    OH Sharon, love those boxes!! Since I continually am on the search for “my own style” I tend to blog hop to see what different styles are out there. Currently, my favorite style is Clean And Simple — which is why I love your blog so much. You have taught me lots!! I’m crossing my fingers for those boxes 🙂


  137. Amy Bell (amysings) says:

    Sharon, I love your style! I specifically watch for fast and lovely cards, and you always have something that fits the bill! Thank you!

  138. nancy littrell says:

    Something that “Pops” out at me and gets my undivided attention and a out loud “WOW”! This BTW is what almost always happens when I look at your cards 🙂 Often it is the color combo that really attracts me. Gorgeous “candy” boxes……did you hear my “Wow”?!? TFS

  139. Heather says:

    I like unique and original- it doesn’t have to be a perfect, ready to be published in a magazine card. I appreciate a card where someone tried something new (even if it is just new to them) and wanted to share it.

    What turns me off- seeing a CASE of a CASE of a CASE by a big name stamper. Taking it in a new direction is one thing but closely following the papers or images too much is not inspiring. Following a sketch is ok- really copying a card (even if you give credit) is not.

  140. Linda SS says:

    Your boxes are so gorgeous! I love cards that are clean and uncluttered and are in eye appealing colors. I enjoy seeing all the new papers and stamps that people use.

  141. Mel Z says:

    I have loved the boxes from the moment I saw them. I don’t have a particular favorite style. I love the inspiration from various artists from the layering, use of DP, to simple and sophistacated. Keep up the inspoiration. Can’t wait to see your next scripture card.

  142. oooo….i have drooled over those boxes since i first laid my stampin’ eyes on them!!!! what an awesome blog candy!!!!! i don’t look for a certain style of card, per-say, i really just look for something that inspires me….let me tell you sharon – you have fallen into that category many times! thanks for offering up such a wonderful blog candy….your blog is great!!!!

  143. chickie says:

    Sharon, your Boxes are breathtaking!! Can’t believe you are going to part with them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!! I really would love to see more Male themed cards as they are far & few between. Thanks again for all your inspiration & for sharing your talent & creativity with us.

  144. Char in So Cal says:

    How will you ever be able to part with that trio of boxes?! They are soooooo lovely… so I will shamelessly yell “PICK ME! PICK ME!”

    When blog hopping I like to see cards and other creations that are simply made, with clean lines and eye-pleasing color combinations. I especially like to see cards that are CASEable and easy to incorporate into my own designs/creations. YOUR blog often fills my requirements {wink!}

    Thanks for the op at some truly YUMMY blog candy!!!

    Char in So Cal
    [email protected]

  145. Michele says:

    Oh my; the boxes are soooo elegant; love them! I’m looking for things that are fun/funny; elegant and whimsical…I like such a variety of things and many things inspire me. Thanks for the chance to win; love all you do!!!

  146. Marsha says:

    Beutiful Boxes !
    I like to see cards that I can duplicate (or get close to !)so I am drawn to your cards that are so beautiful and yet not complicated. I don’t have time and not patient enough to put hours and hours into a card.

  147. Sheila says:

    Hi Sharon,
    These boxes are so lovely! I don’t think I could ever give them away. In fact, if I am the lucky winner, I would probably put them on display in my craft room. I live in Canada so I’m happy you didn’t limit it to your home country only. This is such a nice gift & I hope I’m the lucky one! Thanks for the opportunity.

  148. Sheila says:

    Oops! My favorite type of card is “everything” you do. Each time I think I’ve seen your best, you surprise me with something more beautiful. I’m also looking forward to your file box tomorrow.

  149. Hi Sharon! When I am blog hopping (and I hop on over to yours often) I am looking for a “less is more” card. Simple but elegant. I like thinking “I can do that!” Take care!


  150. Deborah Young says:

    Wow….those boxes are INCREDIBLE!!! I don’t know how you can possibly give them away. How kind of you!
    I love cards with ribbon and embossing…..think I’ll go make one now! 😉
    Deb in Florida

  151. SmilynStef says:

    My dear, I’d rather have something made by you any day … love these.

  152. Joan Ervin says:

    I love to see beautiful, elegant designs…something that makes me drool. I must say, 100% of your cards fit in that catagory!! I just love your style and thanks for sharing your awesome talent with all of us. Thanks, also for the opportunity to win these fabulous boxes…they are so gorgeous and would look wonderful displayed in my home!!!!!

  153. Allison says:


    Thanks for the opportunity to win the boxes!
    When I am looking at blogs I don’t have a particular kind of card I look for. I like making all different kinds of cards so inspiration can come from anything!

  154. Linsey R says:

    Hi Sharon! Oooh, I always love your fabulous work and these boxes are absolutely exquisite! I feel like I’m in moods for many different style cards at any given time, but one of my most favorite that you actually introduced me to is the tall and thin card! I love this shape and have created lots of cards in this style–the response is always great too! I love a great sketch too, always surfin’ for one and I always find one–totally cool! Thanks for the the oppportunity!

  155. MaryBeth says:

    Sharon, I just love your blog and your beautiful cards. They give me so much inspiration. I usually look for cards that are simple, yet elegant. I want to be inspired by the colors, design or something new to try. I can’t imagine my life without all the fabulous blogs I read every day.

  156. DJ says:

    Newbie here, so I look at all the cards to get different idea’s I found your boxes and it’s in my pile of things to try, since I stared looking around my pile has really, really gotten large, now just to start trying them, and believe it or not your boxes are on the top, smile.

  157. Carolyn King says:

    Sharon….this is the BEST blog candy EVAH! WOW..gorgeous boxes….I think even ONE of them would be such an awesome gift!

    The type of cards I often look for are a variety…although I do like the more simple and classic cards because I am not very good at them myself.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a treasure!

  158. Pam says:

    Your work is beautiful. I love love love the boxes!!!

  159. Francine says:

    The boxes are beautiful… I enjoy checking out your blog.

  160. Deepa says:

    The boxes are so pretty – You’re so generous to give them up to some lucky person, hopefully me!! I’m so busy with school I usually visit your blog in the evening just before going to bed, and it inspires me to eke out some time to craft. Keep up the fabulous work! :o)

  161. KAT says:

    Those boxes are truely beautiful… I would be honored to win them… Pick me please! I am always looking for cards that are different -either a different fold or with some fancy new embellishment or a new tool (girl loves gadgets!!!)

  162. Shawn Wolf says:

    You did a lovely job on these boxes! When I am blog hopping I like to find sites that show the stamps and then the finished product using the image. It’s very inspiring to see how people can take a simple stamp and make art of their own… and then I can case it and make it mine too (ha,ha)

  163. Glenda says:

    You make the most awesome cards and other projects. I look forward to seeing and reading your blog every day that it is posted. You are so creative and helpful with your instructions!!! Thanks for all you share!!!

  164. Susan says:

    It’s not about the card as much as the ‘feel’ of the blog. I read very few, however, I love yours…can sense your warmth and genuineness…I would love to have the boxes, just ’cause they were handmade by you and the gift of your time!

  165. Nikki says:

    I love finding cards that make me smile . . . I’m not sure if that is a style or just a warm and fuzzy. Your boxes are gorgeous! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  166. twinks says:

    Wow – what treats these are! I am a lover of simple elegance.

  167. melanie pl says:

    lovely boxes

  168. Cheryl says:

    Wonderful!!! These are gorgeous.

  169. LouBelle says:

    A homemade gift is a gift from the heart! This is the best blog candy ever! When I go blog hopping, I am always looking for masculine cards because they are so hard for me to make. I LOVE your fast, elegant cuttlebug cards…I have made so many of those recently. Of course, once I start looking at blogs I get caught by all the innovative ways people use stamps and embellishments…I have to put a timer on to limit my time looking and drooling!

  170. Monika/Buzsy says:

    OHG! Yummy boxes! Gorgeous designs… I would love to win these. I love to look at WOW! cards/projects… but I also I like to see easy ideas for class projects… but as long as it’s a paper project, I don’t really care. I just love paper and stamping! :o) TFS!

  171. Nancy says:

    Fabulous candy, and so beautiful! I’m always on the lookout for clean, simple, yet elegant cards and yours never disappoint me.

  172. Marilyn Cline says:

    Your boxes are absolutely gorgeous! While I’m blog hopping, I’m just looking to see what everyone else is doing, and maybe come upon *something* that just really knocks my socks off – I’m always looking for inspiration!

  173. Nikki says:

    Wow! Your boxes are gorgeous! What a treat it would be to win them! I honestly can say that I love to see any kind of card out there when I blog…I can pull inspiration from any kind of style…I love to see how people use their stamps and papers differently. Thanks for the chance!

  174. Kristine says:

    These boxes are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to play.


  175. Julie S says:

    I am in LOVE with those boxes…they are stunning, absolutely stunning. As for what I am looking for when I peruse blogs….well, the first thing to catch my eye is the color combo. I love cards/projects that are beautifully coordinated with SU color combinations. I also love things that look like they took a long time to do, but in reality didn’t. It varies from cute and sassy, to elegant and sophisticated…I love it all.

    Julie S.

  176. Charlene says:

    I love them all…you never know when you’ll need something cute, elegant, funny, or simple. Everything you do is fabulous!

  177. P. Downie says:

    OMG… these boxes are BEAUTIFUL! Your blog is one of the ones I check daily, I love your style. When I blog hop I’m looking for simple but elegant. I also enjoy tutorials. You are such an inspiration!

    From a fellow Michigander! 🙂

  178. Kim B says:

    These are so awesome! I would be so lucky to win these! Thanks for the chance. I don’t have a favorite themed card when I am blogging. I like to see clean and simple cards. They can be elegant, funny, feminine, or masculine. I like all of them except, I am not much into collage. I love your artwork.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  179. Wendy says:

    I love to find cards that are beautiful, but that aren’t too complicated. I am looking for ideas that I can do. Your boxes are amazing. Great job!

  180. Marliese says:

    They’re beautiful…so elegant! How can you part with them.

  181. Kathie says:

    You are an inspiration, so I always look at your cards!! I probably look for cards that look detailed but are simple to make. Thanks for offering blog candy and your blog which is candy to our eyes!!!

  182. Darlene (SCS: akronstamperdpk) says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Wow Sharon, these are darling! I’ll have to check them out a little closer but I don’t think my own would turn out quite so perfectly as yours! Love your color/paper choices. You never seese to amaze me! Hope I get picked . . . if not, at least I had the pleasure of seeing these! Beautiful!

  183. Barb S. says:

    Love the “boxes” as blog candy. Who needs someone’s overstocked discard stamps? LOL! This is a “one of a kind” type blog. When I blog hop, I look for challenging cards that when someone gets they say “WOW…this didn’t come from a cardshop!” But yet they are simple enough to CASE and enable me!!! I try to stick with mostly SU stamps but have been lured…(ehh hemm) to other styles!! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful ideas. Now send those boxes to……….. lol! Barb S

  184. Charna says:

    OMG I love those boxes! Definitely going to have to print out the tutorial.

    I love all types of cards when I blog hop,because it’s how everyone takes a simple fold and turn it into a gorgeous card.


  185. janaina says:

    This are beautiful, thanks for the opportunity

  186. Sharon, this boxes are so stunning! This is amazing blog candy — how generous you are!!

    When I blog hop I look for things that won’t take me a lot of time, but still look elegant and classy. That’s why I like your blog so much! I am a slow stamper – normally it takes me 2 hrs to make one card (I have no idea why, since they aren’t advanced or complicated!), so I look for fun and different things that will help me speed up the process!

    I also like to see the wow items – like your boxes – to tuck away in my files for in the summer when I am not working!

    Thanks for all your ideas and inspiration!

  187. Donna says:

    I like to see cards using the cuddlebug. Also those that can be made multiples of easily yet have some interest to them. I also like it VERY much when the dimensions of the card and the pieces within are included as sometimes it is hard to tell the size because of the angle at which the photo was taken.

  188. Sara says:

    Love your boxes! I’m always looking for new sizes and shapes of boxes that are easy to make. Thanks for the great ideas and chance to win.

  189. Susie says:

    I like the very simple-easy to make things, I am not an elaborate frilly card maker, so to see these simple ones is best. You are a great blogger and paper creator…

  190. Rhonda K. says:

    WOW! Those are fabulous boxes and fabulous blog candy!!! You did an amazing job on these. I really enjoy your blog, I find such inspirational items there.

    I think I am blog hopping not to just find a specific card but to look for new and creative items that I might not have seen before. Don’t get me wrong I love the tried and true out there and I think there are so many amazing people out there who are always adding a new twist but I still get blown away by items that are “new” to me!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win these fabulous boxes!!
    PICK ME PICK ME!!! 🙂

  191. Laura says:

    Awesome Sharon…I would love to have some of your hand crafted with love goodies! Love your boxes…they are just decorated so beautifully…just divine!!

    I am always looking for the WOW factor! It might be the crispnness of the card, the lines, the graphics, the colouring,the way they used a particular product in a new way…something that makes me say now why didn’t I think of that!

  192. Melissa C. says:

    Your boxes are beautiful! I would love to receive them. Something handmade/made from the heart is the greatest gift of all.

    melissa c.
    [email protected]

  193. Deb Matovich says:

    Oh wow! These are so gorgeous! Hope I win! Your blog is one of my daily favorites to check! Deb M [email protected]

  194. Becky says:

    These are beautiful; I can easily see why they are your favorite. When I blog hop I am looking for cards that use products I have on hand in a new way with great graphic appeal. I also love tutorials that teach me how to do something new.
    Thanks for sharing your talent!

  195. Michelle says:

    These are gorgeous boxes! I’d be happy winning even just one of them. You are so talented and so generous!

    I look for cards with a classic or formal style. Monochromatic color schemes especially catch my eye.

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win your amazing projects!

  196. Teryl says:

    These boxes are absolutely incredible! Who wouldn’t want to win one?
    Love your projects. Keep up the sensational work.

  197. Cynthia says:

    Lovely boxes! I might have to try making one or two. Thanks for sharing!

  198. Deidre Mooney says:

    I love it all! How’s that for noncommital??? your stuff is superb and always a pleasure to view…..now if I could get it in my hot little hands….here’s to winning these boxes….thanks for the chance!!! [email protected]

  199. Jackie King says:

    Love everything you do!!! Expecially the Cuttlebug swiss Dots and your flourshises. So glad I found this site.

  200. Sharon Romine says:

    I love these boxes and something handmade is the best thing to win in my opinion. The best kind of blog candy!!!!!
    Love your blog and check it daily.

  201. jlazarski says:

    I’m always on the search for clean and simple, yet elegant cards on the multitude of blogs. That’s why I keep coming back to your blog, CASEing your projects, and telling friends to take a peek, too. Thanks for all your hard work and the great inspiration!

  202. Paula Laird says:

    Your boxes are gorgeous!!!!! I like cards that are fresh and simple, but not plain. Thanks so much for a beautiful blog!

  203. Elizabeth says:

    Once again impressed with your talent. So, so beautiful! Be proud woman! You are blessed!

  204. Diane Clark says:

    These boxes are absolutely gorgeous. You give me hope!
    [email protected]

  205. Lynn says:

    GORGEOUS BOXES!!! I would love to be the proud owner of them!
    My style of card is one with lots of layers and frosting! And I am always looking for cards with Biblical images and phrases.

  206. Michelle (sf9erfan on SCS) says:

    WOW, Sharon those boxes are to DIE for! Just as great as any other blog candy offered and don’t think differently for a minute!

    As for blog hopping, I don’t do much -just about 5 blogs. I like to see the cards, tips on using tools and accessories and I also enjoy the challenges. Even though I don’t always have time to play along -LOL!

    Your blog is SUPER and I am in constant amazement how you maintain it and do the crafts, your job, demoship, etc! Hugs to you, michelle

  207. Karen Naber says:

    I would be thrilled to win one of your beautiful boxes. You are so creative and I just love your work and your blog– Thanks for a chance to win—Karen

  208. Debby says:

    Wow, that would be an honor to received such wonderful boxes. Sign me up for a chance to win.
    Angel Hugs

  209. Alyssa says:

    I love coming to your blog to find beautiful, yet simple cards! You made one with a small Cuttlebug embossing folder across the bottom 3 times, a couple of crystals and a ribbon that I just had to CASE for my Christmas thank you’s! It is so elegant and easy to make. I also like to search for ideas that are ‘outside my box’. I have never been into the whimsical, cutesie stamps, but since I’ve been blog hopping, that is a great majority of the images that I buy now. Thanks for the opportunity at some of your beautiful work! 🙂

  210. SusieK says:

    This trio of boxes is GORGEOUS! What a special gift to offer. I really love the variety of ideas I see when I blog hop – I love to see projects with StampinUp products since I am a demo, but I love all paper craft projects and get inspiration from all that you post! Lately I’ve been drawn to flourishes and scrolls and elegant styled things like that.

  211. Shelly Skala says:

    Hi! I enjoy various different card styles depending upon how much time I have. There are times when simple and elegant are inspiring. Love the candy.

  212. kim says:

    I like to see a variety of cards when I am searching blogs. I myself tend to make quick and easy cards. But I love to see the elaborate stuff as well. love any cards using the cuttlebug embossing folders. Awesome job on the boxes, they are beautiful. kim

  213. Ok…I’m just going to start wearing one of my sons bibs when I come to your blog! These are gorgeous! I love them! Thanks so much for sharing, Sharon! Take care! 🙂

  214. Denise says:

    Love the boxes! Thanks for sharing.

  215. Karen-p says:

    Wow! This is really neat! I don’t think I’m quite that talented! That is why I love all these Blogs! They all seem to have such great ideas and you are all so great at thinking “outside the box”!

  216. Starla(star) says:

    I LOOOOVE those boxes….actually, they are the type of thing that I look for when I blog hop. I do like making cards, but really, I love crafting. I have two young kids still, so ideas that I can use for teacher gifts, kiddie treats, etc I love to see!

  217. Mercy says:

    how sweet are you to give such awesome candy?!? i have to say that everyday i am pleased with any and every post you put up. every creation is flawless and spectacular……you’re my hero!

    thanks for a shot to win some of your wonderful artwork!

  218. michelle gall says:

    love those boxes one day i hope to be good as you my favorit cards are the ones with horses on them but i lovethe real fancy stuff also thank you for haveing the blog i go every day michelle

  219. Bev (Rette Mom) says:

    I just love your blog – you are so inspirational!! My favorite kind of card to find is something old – Vintage, but I am always looking for new ideas!

  220. Karen says:

    These boxes are beautiful – how can you possibly part with them? I am always looking for something a little different from the norm; a new way to use a punch, a different angle or size of card, a design challenge, a new tutorial, unusual color combos. I am simply amazed at all the talent out there, and I so very much appreciate all the time you gals take to put together your blogs for the enjoyment and inspiration for others. Thank you very much.

  221. Barb M. says:

    Wow – these are gorgeous boxes! When I blog hop I am just searching for new ideas/techniques. I love anything different that catches my eye. I enjoy seeing the detail in most creations and draw inspiration from it. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Barb M.

  222. Cindy Coffman says:

    Wow….those boxes are awesome!! When I blog hop I am searching for simple but elegant cards and lots of inspiration. Love your blog and all your creations!!! Thanks for the chance!!! :o)

    Cindy Coffman
    [email protected]

  223. Maria says:

    As a beginning card maker I look for techniques on cards. Something I can try on my own creations. The boxes you made are beautiful. I Love them.

  224. Jenny says:

    LOVE these boxes… this is WAY better blog candy than packaged products!
    Would love to see these on my desk! I like to see cards of all types, but mainly the simple and elegant always catch my eye.

  225. Michelle says:

    I love to look for cute tags for all occasions, as well as cards with lots of embellishments used in creative ways. Thanks for your blog!

  226. Grace says:

    Love the boxes!

    I look for simple, uncomplicated cards with a touch of class! Yours always fit that bill! Thanks!

  227. jojot says:

    Sharon…..my favorite kind of card (which I don’t often accomplish) is a simple, but elegant card. I happen to love black and white, but also appreciate (and envy) all the beautiful, elegant cards you make in the more pastel colors.

    As far as the blog candy goes…I would love to have one of these beautiful, artsy, hand crafted boxes……but really think of your SCS gallery as a blog candy of sorts…..I look in there for inspiration and motivation often. Probably doesn’t show from my creations, but you are one of my ‘virtual’ mentors. Thanks so much. Your blog allows me to learn even more about your creative process.

    Thanks so much. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

  228. Michele in Lone Tree says:

    Yum! This is my favorite kind of candy!
    These boxes are ridiculously fantastic-Love the color combo’s LOVE the flourishes (my favorite stamps). And if they’re not hard to make, I LOVE THEM EVEN MORE! Thank you sooo much for sharing-you are such a creative inspiration.

  229. Laura says:

    O, my goodness! The boxes are gorgeous! I love, love the color combinations. Your blog is inspirational. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  230. NancyS (momsnack) says:

    I’m always on the look-out for new tutorials or techniques. Those boxes are gorgeous! I love making boxes.
    NancyS (momsnack)

  231. Julie S. says:

    I love simple cards with clean lines. But good color combos catch my eye too! BTW, your boxes are GORGEOUS! Thanks for the chance to win!

  232. StampMom says:

    Sharon — when I blog hop, I’m seeking to find creative ideas that I haven’t seen yet that will help me as a business SU! demonstrator. I like cards & projects that aren’t so elaborate that I wouldn’t dare tackle them, but detailed enough that I move beyond simple to more advanced skills…

  233. Jennifer R says:

    I am looking for classic, clean and just plain wonderful when I blog hop. And your work hits the mark every time!!! When I was in Marquette, MI, I wish I would have know about you, the classes you hold would have had me in attendance every time!!! THank you

  234. Nancy says:

    These boxes are to die for! Love your work, love your blog.

    The cards that usually appeal to me are elegant and vintage but I like a wide range of styles. I love boxes and gift items also. (These boxes make an great gift on their own and would be wonderful to store some of my stash. I never win things so I guess I better start making my own!)

  235. Kristy says:

    When I blog hop, I’m not really looking for anything in particular. What is the most fun is coming across something that surprises me in its uniqueness, or takes my breath away at its beauty, or makes me think “Why didn’t I think of that!”

    I check your blog daily as I am sure to see something that offers any of the above three. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

  236. Sheila says:

    These boxes are beautiful! This is definitely one of the best blog candies I’ve seen. I just love love love your work. Cards I look for when blogging change all the time but I’m always happy to find cards using products I have. Love looking for just a little added detail that makes a card unique. Thanks again at a chance at this candy.

  237. Sandra Smart says:

    oh my gosh, your Bible verse box is beautiful! I really love it. And the trio of boxes are awesome too! Thank you for the opportunity to win them!

  238. Julia (Artystamper on SCS) says:

    I like all different kinds of cards – I guess clean crisp ones – I love criss cross cards – I’m not big on a lot of sponging and antiquing – I like to see them – but I don’t make them….

  239. Debbie M says:

    These boxes are gorgeous and I don’t know how you can stand to give them away! Mostly what I’m looking for when I look at blogs are clean designs in cards and innovative ways to use tools.

  240. KathyJ says:

    I love your boxes, so beautiful!

    I look for ideas that I can CASE or just admire. I just enjoy seeing the beautiful work!

  241. Cool boxes! I love how they’re elegant and sophisticated, but still fresh and stylish. Beautiful!
    As for cards I like to see, I like ones with interesting stamping ideas or techniques.

  242. Erin Smetak says:

    Oh my gosh, I saw these boxes on Splitcoast a while ago, and thought they were SO cool! And now I get the chance of winning them???? Wow, you are TOO kind! These boxes are absolutely stunning and awesome and everything in between! I love everything about them!

    Well, best of luck to everyone! The winner will certainly be lucky as these are just beautiful!!!!!!

  243. Diana C. says:

    I like all kinds of cards, but right now I’m really liking whimsical thinking of you cards.

  244. Stacy Twinshappy says:

    Holy smokes Sharon… I think this is the most comments I have seen on your blog at once. Wow.. Well I am a regular here and your work is fabulous. I look for simple cards when I got to blogs or galleries. I don’t lavish or beautify (is that a word) cards. I am more simple as you know. hee hee Your challenges are fun and help me step it up a notch also. Have fun reading all 243 of these. hee hee Stacy

  245. I love the box you made for your Divine Scripture Challenge!! I’ve been wanting to join in on that. I hope to be able to make a box like yours to hold mine, then maybe I will join in! There’s so many challenges and sketches to do, but this one is right up my alley!!

    When I’m blurfing, I like to find cards that are pretty and elegant, but simple to reproduce. I don’t like ones that are too busy or have too many steps to do. I like to be able to re-produce it with what I have on hand as a beginner stamper, as well as being able to do it with the minimal amount of time I have available to me. 🙂

    Thanks so much for being so generous!! You rock!!


  246. amy says:

    FABulous boxes!!! I love to blog hop and love to see “out of the box” cards although my style is clean & simple.

  247. Tracy says:

    These boxes are so beautiful! My fav cards are totally layered, or very simplistic!! Just depends on my mood!! Thanks for the chance!

  248. Amy Cloncs says:

    I love your blog, and your style,You give me so much inspiration!!! When looking at blogs I am looking for something that I think I can reproduce for a card for a SU class, or something to just get those creative juices flowing. You do this for me, Thanks for all the wonderful ideas that you share. I truely enjoy your blog. And the boxes are the bomb!!

  249. jennibell says:

    I *love* these boxes!!! Thanks for the chance to own them 🙂
    Generally I look through my “usual” blogs (yours included!) and try anything that strikes my fancy that day. . .nothing too special about it. I’ve been eyeing the envelope cards recently but haven’t yet tried one.

  250. Angie says:

    I love love love your trio! (3 loves, 3 boxes. heehee) If they came to live at my house, they would have a place of honor in my “stamping space” so they would be safe and could inspire me to make beautiful creations!
    So, when I blog hop I am hoping to find a style of card that says “Look at me! You can make a card just like me! Go be inspired!” The style doesn’t matter so much as the “wow” factor. 😀

  251. Louise says:

    What beautiful work! When I blog up, I look for beautiful cards, well-made and eye-catching. Something to inspire me in my own work.

  252. Vicky Gould says:

    Hi Sharon:

    Man, those boxes are to die for! Just gorgeous. I think my favorite card is one that is simple, yet elegant – kinda like those awesome cuttlebugged cards you made just using half the cuttlebug – they were so simple to do (you know I cased them), yet the end results were fabulous! Thanks for such a wonderful blog – you rock!

  253. Mary Anne says:

    Awesome boxes! Fairly new to your website/blog, but I just love seeing all your ideas each day..thank you for sharing!

  254. Heather T. says:

    When I browse the blogs I am looking for inspiration, a layout or technique I haven’t tried but have the supplies for.
    I get plenty of inspiration here, thanks for all you share.

  255. Sherrie says:

    What great blog candy! I love simple and elegant cards. And I love seeing the different use of DP on cards. Thanks for all your inspiration!!

  256. Mothermark says:

    Well, as obsessed as I am……that is a really hard question to answer…pretty much any type of card gives me the goose bumps……and these three little boxes give me double goosebumps! The are wonderfully done and gorgeous in your wonderful style……

    This would be a prize that would be a thrill to get even more so than *stuff* from a stamp company! You rock Sharon!

  257. Barbara says:

    I am always looking for a new and different birthday card. I have an excel spreadsheet of all of our family and friends birthdays throughout the year and am always wanting to make them something unique and beautiful. Thanks so much for all you bloggers!!!

  258. Donna says:

    Love these boxes!! I need to stash this tutorial away until Christmas next year – or better yet, get busy NOW!

    My favorite cards are always the simplest ones – not too many layers or do-dahs. I like to personalize the message insid with a handwritten note instead of stamping a sentiment.

    by the way, love getting your updates every day!! Thanks so much for doing this…..

  259. Beverlita says:

    Lovely boxes!

  260. Lori says:

    great boxes…..I would love to give them a new home! I am really inspired by all styles of cards when it comes to blog hopping!


  261. Tammy says:

    the boxes are beautiful, very elegant.
    I enjoy visiting your blog because all your work is so inspiring!

  262. Amy Stahl says:

    I have never had heard of blog candy!! (can you tell I’m new at this?) But I know I totally love these boxes….and I really love the scriptures quotes & box you made. They are so beautiful.
    As for cards–I’m looking more for something different. Not just the traditional folded card but something that just looks different. Of coarse the patterned paper and all that is used in assembly catches your eye as well.

  263. Michelle W. says:

    Beautiful boxes! I love to blog-hop for card ideas and really look for cards that have that “finished” look. Not sure how to explain, but there are some card artists out there who put just the right finishing touches on their cards and they just step it up. I love it when I find one like that!

  264. What lovely boxes these are. I really look for cards that long/lean
    and also the ones with designer paper on them. Barb

  265. Pat M says:

    The boxes are beautiful! I look for a card that is simple, yet says WOW!

  266. Jody Green says:

    These boxes are fabulous! I love to find projects such as these when I blog hop. I’m always in the market for ideas for vintage style “just because” cards.

  267. Kathy says:

    Love these boxes and love your blog!! I am a fairly new stamper and am really drawn to the simple and elegant cards. Love things cuttlebugged. Your blog is so inspiring, thank you for sharing your time and talent with all of us.

  268. Krystie Lee says:

    I would love to be the proud owner of any NTTS creations, especially these beauties! How nice of you to let them go, I don’t think I would! 😉

    When I blog hop, I’m on the lookout for my favorite style, which is clean and simple! I love a clean design that lets the details shine!

    Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  269. Rose says:

    When I blog hop, I look for 2 types of cards – ones that are simple enough to share with some of my friends and ones that just take my breath away. Your creations are always in the latter category – I check your blog daily and sometimes I just need to tell myself to BREATHE! Thank you for sharing your work.

  270. Marcie says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Your designs are awesome! I think when I blog hop I look for striking color combinations and unique ways to use the stuff I already have. Of course when I see your creation with those awesome Flourishe stamps I have feel the need to buy something I don’t have. LOL.

  271. Denise Bryant says:

    I love the boxes! Very nice.
    What I look for is anything out of the ordinary. I like different shape card ideas, different folds.

  272. Jackie W. says:

    These boxes are gorgeous and inspiring! So elegant!

  273. Karen says:

    Wow Sharon, these are gorgeous. I love them all.

    My favorite style of card seems to be elegant.

    That is what draws my eye and the style which I am most comfortable creating. Maybe that is why I like your style so much. lol

  274. Carole B. says:

    I just found your blog this week and love everything you create. Thank you for sharing your instructions with your projects. I can’t wait to start some of your projects.

    My style is simple with a twist to make it look harder than it is. However, most of my creations are simple.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent.


  275. Alyssa says:

    I like original ideas when it comes to cards. Something completly different. I love your boxes!!!!

  276. Shalene says:

    I like cards with bling and color coordinated paper sets/ribbons. Your boxes are simply stunning.

  277. Gina says:

    Hello.like your art a lot!!!Ilike cards with flowers and florishes….nice job!!….gina

  278. laulief says:

    I don’t know that I have a favorite style I am looking for….. I like to blog hop to see all the different ideas that others come up with! You are very talented, I really enjoy your blog! I love these boxes! ~Laurie

  279. Nancy Gagnon says:

    These boxes are just gorgeous. I want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog & you are such an inspiration!

    I really love cards that are simple in style with maybe just an extra little something that make them stand out 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!!

  280. Connie G says:

    These boxes are so beautiful. What a treat it would be to actuallly see them in person!!!

  281. Carmen says:

    I like to find simple cards, but I also like some that are more involved. My main priority is to find cards that use SU! sets since that is all I own.
    Thanks for all the inspiration. I love your cards!!!

  282. Billie says:

    Thats it, thats all I want is something you made. Oh my gosh the best blog candy ever!!!! YUMMY

  283. Elizabeth says:

    These boxes ARE GORGEOUS!!!! I love blog hopping – but I spend way too much time doing it – I love cutsie cards and I love cards that reprsent the latesr trends of SU – helps to inspire me 😉

  284. Consuela says:


    You did it again. I love you work. It is so elegant, simplistic and makes for excellent presentation. I am fairly new to card making and have been looking for inspiration as to how to improve my own cardmaking. I have only just discovered blogs and yours was one of the first that I found. I am inspired by the blogs. My mojo hasn’t been working for awhile now because I have been caught up at work. Blog hopping has me wanting to take a week off to organize and make some cards and other items to have on hand for friends and family. Thanks for the lovley inspiration and keep creating.


  285. Wow, these are gorgeous! I’m always looking for something simple, yet elegant. Your boxes are so beautiful! I hope I’m lucky enough to win them 🙂

  286. Joanne says:

    Wow – those boxes are gorgeous! I love a variety of cards – mainly interested in stampin up samples but I love ideas for 3D items bestest!

  287. Rose Ann says:

    Wow…these are so gorgeous, Sharon! Thanks for offering them as sweet, sweet candy!!

    I love to see everything when I do my blog hopping! I love EVERY style of card (tho mine tend to be more simplistic). Your elegant style is one of my very faves!!

  288. DOROTHY says:

    Just found your blog when I discovered the flourishes website. I love flourishes and I instantly fell in love with your boxes. I would LOVE to win, but don’t worry gals I never do LOL.
    I think I have decided what I’ll be doing Saturday, going through your blog from start to finish…………..can’t resist eye candy

  289. Angie Britt says:

    The boxes are beautiful but, all of your creations are! Thanks for the blog candy opportunity!

  290. Barb says:

    I really meant to respond before this – I thought I had already! They say the mind is the first to go. (lol). Love your blog. The blog candy is awesome!! I can’t believe you made them!! I like all kinds of cards – but I especially like the ones I think I can actually “case”. For me, masculine cards are the hardest – I tend to get frilly. Younger children’s cards also tend to be difficult. I really, really, loved your dotted swiss one last week!

  291. Carolyn says:

    Your work is alwasy stunning, the boxes are gorgoeus! I hope I win them!

  292. Glorie says:

    Love your blog! You have such fabulous ideas!

  293. Sherri Alspach says:

    I don’t know if I have a favorite or not— Usually it depends on what season it is…. Like for the past few weeks I was hoping for great valentines ideas and of course…….. everyone came thru. I just love looking at everyones ideas and creations as well as getting to know about others. Have a great day

  294. Deborah (beadn&stampn) says:

    Sharon, what gorgeous boxes!! Always love seeing what neat projects you come up with!!! Awesome blog candy to own your very own Sharon Johnson original! : ) I am always on the look out for something different, clean, simple and elegant. Thanks for always sharing!!!

  295. jackie says:

    stunning boxes…very creative thanks for the chance to win!

  296. Beverlita says:

    Wonderful boxes, love your designs!

  297. Susan says:

    I LOVE your blog and I LOVE your boxes!!! Keep up the great work!!

    [email protected]

  298. Emma O. says:

    Your work can only be described as lovely! Lately I find myself looking for cards with a masculine touch (both old & young).

  299. Kat says:

    Love you blog! Thank you!

  300. Diana Downey says:

    I absolutely love your blog!! Your boxes are just beautiful!

  301. Lan says:

    These are amazing. Would love to win. Thanks so much for offering these goodies!

  302. Carol F says:

    Such beautiful boxes! I really like to see a variety of cards when I blog-hop.

  303. Martie M says:

    Hope I’m not to late – these are beautiful.

  304. Linda S says:

    I just discovered your blog and love your boxes!! Thank you for sharing the directions.

  305. Sheryl says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I found your blog just this week, and I have gone back through earlier posts. I’ve also seen you on SCS and I absolutely LOVE your work! Simply Gorgeous! and these boxes… TO DIE FOR!!! What an awesome gift it would make! Thanks for being willing to share them with us!

    When I blog hop, I look for easy layouts to case, different folds, and usually something fun or elegant, or both. lol I’ve only been stamping less than a year, so I am still learning but having so much fun doing it. I also look for things that do not require too many supplies or specialties, ie specific inks, etc. as I am still building my stash. Embossing, brads, ribbon, eyelets – that type of embellishment is great. Also, I love the flourishes – anything with scallops, swirls or wavy-curvy lines!

    Thanks again for your daily inspiration, and for sharing your hard work with us!

  306. Cindy says:

    Favourite kind of card ? Well…for me, nothing in particular. No specific style or theme, just anything and everything that inspires me.

    Those boxes are absolutely gorgeous !!

  307. elaine kenal says:

    Oh, so very beautiful. First time to your site and know it wont be the last. Looking forward to many more projects. Thanks a bunch. elaine

  308. Amy B says:

    OMGoash! I have admired these boxes from when you first posted them awhile back. My 4 yr. old loves the boxes too. You are such a talented lady!!!

    Brighton, MI

  309. Traci Major says:

    These are such beautiful boxes, Sharon…all of your work is beautiful and I appreciate all the tutorials as well. I come to this site often for tips and ideas…thanks so much!!!

  310. Traci Major says:

    The kind of card I look for is something that either already fits my style and I can incorporate what I already have in my supply stash…or a card that challenges me out of my own comfort zone, both of which you supply!

  311. Aura Battis says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! You are truly talented. I just ran across your blog and I am impressed. I am currently working on your Simple Stamping Challenge so that will be coming in a few minutes as well.

    Happy Stamping.

  312. Jaqueline says:

    Can you please let me know if you sell these.

    [email protected]

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