Aug 21 2008

LOVE my Scor-Mat!!!

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I have no projectto show you today (shopped all day, and there’s nothing wrong with that!), but I do have something I’d like to show you — a new toy!!! Well, not really a toy, but more like a tool, a necessity — something I am JUST loving. You all are familiar with the Scor-Pal, a tool for scoring. Well, the folks at Scor-Pal have come up with just a phenomenal idea — the Scor-Mat — which is a gridded mat made to fit perfectlyinto the recessed areaof the Scor-Pal, instantly turning this scoring tool into a gridded work surface. Now how cool is that? Here’s a picture of it:


Can you see how it fits just perfectly into the Scor-Pal? Well, I must tell you, for me this gridded work surface is IDEAL!!! I am a measurer from way back — I measure EVERYTHING and ALWAYS work on a gridded surface, usually the top of my guillotine type paper cutter which only has 1/2″ markings on its surface. My new Scor-Mat is marked every 1/8 inch and I love those precise measurements. Also love the diagonal markings — so handy to have! The griddedside is a self-healing mat so you can use a craft knife or rotary cutter on it with no problems. Thereverse side is a smooth worksurface, allowing for easy removal of tape and quick clean-up.

I do most of my card assembly on a gridded surfaceat counter height. My new Scor-Mat now fits thisbill perfectly!!! I am a bit fussyabout things being straight and even — I’m not muchof an *eye-baller* — I like measuring and *knowing* it’s how I want it — LOL!!! And by working on a gridded surface, it just gives me that *sense* of straight, which I find helpful. And my new Scor-Mat now makes this a bit easier.

My Scor-Pal has a permanent place on my counter, and now my Scor-Mat has a home within my Scor-Pal, making me very, very happy!!!! Hats off to the folks at Scor-Pal for this fabulous new product!!! You can see it here on the Scor-Pal site. Just something I recently got, loved, and wanted to share with you — just makes my stamping day a bit more enjoyable!!!!

And if you check out Joan’s Every Monday Sale, you’ll see she has both Scor-Pals and Scor-Mats this week!!! You have to scroll down once you get there!

And what did I get while shopping today — well, I had 1.5 hours in Michaels — not really long enough, but I did pick up some packs of K & Co. paper and chipboard, some other Halloween and Fall paper packs, a couple of books, some cute little card sets and a Journal from the $ Bin that will be such a quick and easy project with a monogram added, some new ink pads — Versa Fine, Brilliance and Tim Holtz Distress — and a few other odds and ends. All in all not so much, but fun stuff I am looking foward to playing with!!!

Try this for fun — a friend of mine, Cindy Motherway, a/k/a/ Mothermark at SCS, has a wonderfully fun inspiration challenge she posts on her Blogeach Tuesday — called Teapot Tuesday. It appears to be in week #8 already, though I recently found out about it. Cindy collects teapots and each week shows us all one to use as an inspiration piece — how fun. Check it out here – Teapot Tuesday.

Thank you for popping in!!! Always glad to have you!!! Tomorrow I’ll be here with our usual Friday Stamp Simply Challenge, so hope you can check back in then!!! As always, it’ll be easy and fun!!!

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  1. Joan Fricker says:

    You are so right; I too love the new Scor Mat from Scor-Pal. I used it yesterday for the first time and it is great. The grid lines are so helpful and I like the back side to use for a table surface. Things (glue, ink, etc.) wipe off of it so easy and keeps my work space clean.

    I featured both the Scor-Pal and Scor-Mat on my blog this week, so I am glad you wrote about the new Scor-Mat.

    Sounds like you had a great time at Michaels. It sure is a fun place to go.
    Did you see all the new Martha Stewart things? I have yet to figure out what to do with her large sheets of paper???? They must be 24×24 or so something like that. Any ideas?


  2. Shelly says:

    I have seen this and added it to my list of must haves, thanks for the review Sharon!

  3. Mothermark says:

    Hi Sharon!

    I have tommorrow off so maybe I can play…although I have a full day of doing all the chores that I put off because I am working all the time! Anyway, I was excited about your post on my blog and the weekly challenge idea thingy…I felt honored you visited me there. I know how busy you are!

    Anyway, thanks for being *you*…..and happy today!


  4. barb schram says:

    I know I NEED this! I saw it over on Joan’s site!

    So glad you had shopping success at Mike’s! I hope to make it there today if time allows.

    I have been checking out Cindy’s for a few weeks now…would love one Tuesday to try the teapot challenge. I love teapots! Take good care, Sharon, hope you are doing well.

  5. Jerri Kay says:

    Thanks for the preview of the Scor Mat. I saw it the other day at Papertrey Ink and wondered if it would be worth it. I’ll mosey on over to Joan’s blog and check it out. Thanks also for the link to Cindy’s blog. I haven’t heard about her challenge, but you know I love tea pots, so I’ll try to participate soon. I’m so happy you had a nice trip to Michael’s, I haven’t been in ages, I need to head on over. Hugs, Jerri

  6. Kathie says:

    Hi Sharon, Sounds like a fun shopping trip to me! Easy to spend hours there getting inspired! I plan to go to Michaels on Labor Day. Hooray!
    I really like K and Co. paper also. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  7. jules p says:

    Oh…I want one of those scor-pals so bad. Not in the budget…but one day it will be! 🙂

  8. Velta says:

    Hey Sharon ~ I have the Scor-Pal and now the Scor-Mat too…but I really do not know what to do with the Scor-mat…other than to use it for measuring…I like to use the Scor-Pal because it is so easy to score, but I cannot score on the Scor-Mat…Am I being a dummy here? Any suggestions would be appreciated…TFS

  9. Libby says:

    Oh my – I was already thinking I might need a scor-mat, and you’ve sent me over the edge, now I MUST HAVE ONE!!! LOL. And thanks for the head’s up on Cindy’s challenge – I didn’t even know she had a blog, much less such a fun challenge idea!!!! I’ll definitely have to go and check it out!

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