Jul 21 2009

Home from Shipshewana, Indiana

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Hi everyone! Home again!!! I’m late, as usual, and you may have read on other blogs, but several of the Stamp Simply Challenge girls met for a weekend in Shipshewana, Indiana. What FUN to get to meet these lovely ladies in real life — and I have several photos to share but first a bit about Shipshewana — a small town in northern Indiana filled with horses, buggies, people of the Amish faith, little gift shops and great restaurants!

On our way down (we came via Milwaukee, Chicago) we stopped in at Joan’s Garden. Well, what a treat that was!!! And I’m just kicking myself I don’t have photos, but as soon as I get to blog hopping and find some, I’ll put links here.(OK, here are Darlene’s great photos from Joan’s Garden.)Joan’s Garden is the name of Joan’s little shop and her blog; however, her home could be aptly named. Her gardens are absolutely beautiful with THE most inviting pond and waterfall. We got the grand tour and relaxed by the pond with delish!!! homemade fresh blueberry pie!!!! There we met Tammy and Darlene who had spent the previous night on their journey to Shipshewana. And I am SURE those ladies will be telling you all about their lovely bedrooms at Joans!

On Friday night we all just got acquainted and played a silly game I love to play (you know me and games) and I think we colored for a bit as well. Then we enjoyed dinner together at one of the local eateries! Then Saturday morning after breakfast we all headed out to shop! What fun!!!


I thought this table setting was so pretty and wanted to photo these girls with it. Left to right are Tammy Hershberger, Darlene Pavlick and Joan Fricker. I didn’t purchase much on this trip (other than clothes in Milwaukee on the way down), only a few things for photo props. At this store I bought a pretty doily for under a card, I got another doily from another store and some wire photo hanger display things at a gas station of all places, in Wisconsin. I hope they work for what I intend!


Here’s our entire group at another store in Shipshewana. The clerk was kind enough to takethe picturefor us. Back left to right: Tammy Hershberger, Janine Orchard, Sharon Johnson (me), Joan Fricker. Front: Pat Adam (Julie’s Mom), Julie Koerber, Darlene Pavlick.


Just another fun shopping photo of Julie and Janine, and it looks like Janine is buying something! After shopping for a good part of the day we returned to our motel to relax a bit and to find out Julie had done a little shopping for all of us! She had purchased odds and ends of papers and embellishments at the scrapbook store, divided them up between all of us, and told us we had to make a card with what she gave us. So that we did! Here’s what we made with our given items —



It was then time to head out to eat again where we enjoyed lots of good laughs over dinner. Afterwards we all congregated in Julie and Pat’s suite to have some heartfelt conversation and to write in the adorable journals Janine had made for us all. Our time together was nearing an end, and it was sad.


This was at Sunday morning breakfast where we pretty much had to say our goodbyes. Notice the *I Got Stamped in Shipshewana* t-shirts that Darlene and Joan are wearing! Too funny!!! A gift from Janine to all of us.


Another Sunday morning shot shortly before leaving the hotel. And are we planning to do this again — absolutely! Same time next year, new place! Time will tell!!

I just can’t express how fun it was to actually meet all of these women face to face! We, of course, all KNEW each other, and you know, we TRULY DID! It’s such a unique experience to meet someone you’ve known online for several years and actually see them IRL, hear their voices and watch them smile and laugh! Most definitely worth all those hours of travel and something I very much look forward to doing again! Thank you ladies, for this experience. I truly enjoyed each second of it!!!

Now, what’s on my agenda next? Well, lots! I came home to many boxes in our front porch filled with new things I had ordered for the Stamp Simply Ribbon StorePage 3, Supplies and Fun Stuff. No card making for me until I get all those items loaded in for you all to see, which I hope I can complete sometime on Wednesday. Not ribbon, not tools, but just *fun stuff* to use in cardmaking!!! Hope you can check in sometime to see!

Then on July 31/August 1 our local ladies have planned our annual stamping event right here at home in Baraga, MI — Stamping in the UP of Michigan. I just checked the thread at SCSand it appears to me there are still 2 openings if anyone is interested. Just click the link above to read more about it. All pertinent info is at the top of the thread.

So, lots on the agenda — add in some company and the usual daily routine — and away go the days! And if all goes well, I HOPE to get a card done really, really soon!!! Fingers crossed. Thanks for stopping in and hope to see you again real soon!

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  1. Lori says:

    How fun! I grew up in that area and miss it so much. I’m glad you had a good time – looks like a blast!

  2. Sheri says:

    How fun! We have a group of gals who meet every year in Iowa. The last 2 have been in Des Moines. This year there were 12 of us. We come from Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and California. We meet on Sunday afternoon, stamp at Archivers all day Monday, and again on Tuesday morning and then as the afternoon starts we begin to wander home. We have “mini” classes, we all bring a lot of stamps and toys and share stamp offs etc. We really have such a wonderful time. I am glad you get to do the same.

  3. Judy Walsh says:

    Looks like you all had a blast. (I’m jealous!)

    What is the name of the scrapbook store you visited? I think Shipshewana is not too far from Howe, Indiana, where my son might be going to school. I’d love to visit it when I drop him off.

  4. pamboe says:

    Oh! You made me homesick. We had a lake cottage close to Shipsehwana. What great memories of times with my family and friends there. It is a special place.


  5. Karen W says:

    What a fun time, I love getting together with fellow stampers also. Had a group here last week for scenic stamping and had a ball also. Glad you got to go home for a while. Great pictures and what fun cards.

  6. I’ve already commented on the photos on Janine’s and Julie’s blogs, so I’ll leave one here, too! What fun you all obviously had from the photos! I have no doubt this is a great group IRL! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Janine says:

    Glad you are home safe and sound Sharon!! Miss you already! Have a great week.

  8. What a great posting Sharon! While reading it through, I relived this fun filled experience all over again! Thanks for that!! Miss you … hope your foot is feeling better!!

  9. Bev J. says:

    Thanks for the neat photos. Great to see people whose blogs I read in “person” so to speak. I see headshots on blogs, but these were more personal. I like your hair style. tfs

  10. Lynette says:

    How fun! I was going to tell you about our “Group Gathering” but I see Sheri already has!! We have such fun and we are already talking about next year. Gosh, I was near you a couple weeks ago. We spent time in Bayfield, WI, then headed to the UP and spent a couple nights in Marquette! Love your blog:)

  11. Phyllis says:

    It’s wonderful to have friends who share the same interest in stamping. We have a group of girls who meet at a local scrapbooking store on a monthly basis. There are 7 of us, we will be starting our third year in September. If your ever in the Western PA area, let us know and we’ll be happy to meet you for a day of stamping and fun!

  12. Jerri Kay says:

    Awesome photos Sharon, thank you for sharing them with us! Sounds like you all had a wonderful trip! I loved seeing the quaint little shops in the background! Wish I could have been there! Maybe next year, eh! Hugs, Jerri

  13. Tina DeLong AKA GardenDiva says:

    Oh my goodness……….several of my friends and I were JUST in Shipshewana…13-15 of July…………we went to look at the Gardens that are planted in quilt block style. Gorgeous and so creative too. Lovely stores in Ship and wonderful food. I’m from central Ohio and we are blessed with our own Amish Community in Plain City and have access to their wonderful homemade foods and the Der Dutchman restaurant.

    So glad that you all had a great time. Look’s like your pictures were taken in the Mercantile building…nice place. Besides stamping, quilting and cooking,,,,I’m also am a gardener….. Ship is a great place for most of those things. I couldn’t find any stamping stuff but the D’Vine shop had a wonderful herb garden…hope you got to see it.

    Thanks for sharing your photos and story.

    Tina DeLong
    AKA GardenDive on Splitcoast

  14. Kay S says:

    Sweet Sharon, I have been remiss in leaving comments for you. Remiss to the tune of about a year! Yep, I’ve been following you, been inspired and challenged, and you are one of the THE main reasons I began blogging about a year ago. It is your stamp simply team that started me onto the road of bloggy friends, and I thank you. So with these pics and posts, I thought it was high time I fessed up. You are simply the best and your sweet precious team are some of the best people on this planet! So glad ya’ll made this trip together. I am feelin’ the love, girlfriend! God bless your crafty souls.

  15. Dawn B. says:

    How fun was this. I know Darlene and she is so sweet. It looks like you all had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  16. Pat Adam says:

    Sharon your photos are wonderful and they bring back the memories of our great time together. Had a blast with all of the amazing gals. Fun beyond words. So glad we got to meet IRL. Hugs, Pat

  17. Oh what fun memories Sharon! It’s been so fun hopping from blog to blog and seeing everyone’s photos from that fab weekend! Can’t wait until we can get together and do it all over again!

  18. Oh you lucky duckies!! Looks like you all had such fun. And made some great cards to boot. Life is good.

  19. Velta says:

    LOL…I wrote to you on your new page 3 to tell you what I thought of your visit, etc…you will have to look over there…sometimes I think my mind is going….does anyone else ever feel that way…LOL

  20. Rose Ann says:

    It looks like such a wonderful time, Sharon!! I wish I could have been there!! Great pics!! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Laura Diekevers says:

    I”m so jealous – it looks like you had so much fun! We’re headin to your neck of the woods tomorrow eh! How’s the weather up there?

  22. nancy littrell says:

    OMG, you girls look like you were having a blast 🙂 I am so lucky because Cambria (Cami), leslierich (Leslie), ncmorgan (Nancy) and I all live in the same community. We love it when we can get together. Such a great way to get totally, totally inspired 🙂 TFS all your wonderful times and photo’s. Your Oregon Coast stamping friend….

  23. diane says:

    I live an hour from Shipshewanna (or Shipshe) as we call it in Michigan…wow…wish I could of been there and got autographs of all you great stampers there!!! What an honor it would of been to see you all and fun to join! Great photos!

  24. I smiled all the way through this. It looks like it was so much fun and I really wish I could have been there, darn it! But, noooooooooo, we went to Monterey instead. I love all those great cards you made. What a good time! Thanks so much for the story and photos!

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