May 08 2011

Crafty Secrets Cotton Scraps on Sale

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Preparing this post sure was an unexpected trip down memory lane!  In my never-ending quest to rearrange things to try to make more room in my way-too-small store area, I decided that it was time to pull out my beloved Cotton Scraps and offer them on sale.  I have long LOVED these items more than I can explain — and I still do.  The unfortunate thing is, to the best of my knowledge, these are no longer available and it doesn’t appear they will be again anytime soon. 

I have decided to offer the remainder of my supply of Crafty Secrets Cotton Scraps at a reduced price and I have just added them to the SPECIALS section of The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store.  There are still a number of items on special from last weeks Grand Opening Blog Hop, so check them out as well.

If you are unfamiliar with Cotton Scraps, they are images printed onto an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of heavy cotton twill fabric backed with removable paper. There is no adhesive on these scraps, allowing us to easily cut and sew them. The edges can be straight cut, pinked, frayed, or anything else you care to try! The Cotton Scraps can be attached to your project with any number of adhesives, by sewing, or with brads, buttons, etc. The sky is the limit with these fun fabric images!!!

Now here’s where the walk down memory lane came into play.  To show you some of my samples and how I like to use the Cotton Scraps, I went through my gallery for the past 4, nearly 5  years, and pulled up some cards to show you.  Please bear in mind as you view these cards, I am showing you these to give you ideas on how to use the scraps on a card — most of the scraps that you will see in my cards below are no longer available — many, many of the sheets have been sold out for quite some time — but there are still a large number of sheets with pretty and fun designs availabe. 

I pinked the edges and backed with a like pinked sheet of cardstock — Yellow Silk Bow.

Again the edges were pinked — Scor-Tape used to adhere Cotton Scrap to paper — Violet Silk Bow.

Here I frayed the edges by pulling strings, then using a meandering stitch sewed the Cotton Scrap to the cardstock base — 3/8″ Velvet Bow.  I used small glue dots to hold the bow tails in place like that.

Again frayed edges and a meandering stitch on the sewing machine – 5/8″ Scalloped Satin Bow.

Again, frayed edges and a meandering stitch.

Simply pinked and adhered with Scor-tapeBlue Silk Bow.

Again, just pinked and adhered with Scor-tape Taupe Silk Bow.

Frayed edges and a zig zag stitch. 

Again, frayed edges and a meandering stitch.

I think this is the first card I made using the Cotton Scraps in 2007.  The scrap is zig zag stitched on.  To make the apron I purchased a small lace doily, cut part of it out and sewed on the bias tape to form the waistband and apron strings — fun!  The hanging star is a mini cookie cutter.  This is a large card – 1/2 sheet  size (full sheet folded in 1/2).

Pinked and straight stitched on the machine – Pink Silk Bow.

This is the most recent card I’ve made with the Cotton Scraps.  Here I pinked the edges but then to give the Cotton Scrap more stability, I cut a rectangle of card stock to back it with, just small enough so it doesn’t show. That makes it easy to apply pop up dots and adhere the image to the card front.  The ribbon/flower treatment here is a personal favorite of mine — 1.5″ Satin Pleats, Velvet Zig Zag, Stitched Satin, and Prima Fairytale Roses.  That beautifully soft paper is Kaisercraft’s English Rose, available as an individual pad or in KIT form.

Here the Cotton Scrap is pinked and sewn onto the cardstock with a straight stitch, but then I used a meandering stitch on the cardstock border for a bit of interest.  Taupe Silk Bow.

All Silk Bows shown above have been made  using the Original Bow Easy.

And I think that’s it for my card samples.

Michelle Woerner has taken a trip down memory lane as well and shares her Cotton Scraps creations here.  You’ll note that Michelle has kept a clean edge to her Cotton Scraps to compliment her clean signature style!  Lots of options with Cotton Scraps!

Please remember, many of the Cotton Scrap sheets used in the above samples are no longer available.  The samples are shown to get your creative juices flowing as to what you can do with Cotton Scraps.

All Cotton Scraps in stock can be seen here.

If you haven’t used the Cotton Scraps before and would like to give them a try, I KNOW you’ll be pleased! 

Many thanks for stopping in!  Hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. These are all fabulous Sharon! I’ll do a post tonight announcing your sale and showing all of mine! A walk down memory for me too!

  2. Ros crawford says:

    These are absolutely stunning!

  3. Debbie Adelt says:

    Sharon these are the most unique looking cards that I have seen in a long time. Thank you for sharing your talent!!

  4. Chelsea says:

    These are just so gorgeous!! What beautiful cards. Each one is a treasure.

  5. Kathy Dumais says:

    You are an artist after my own heart….I luv to use fabric scraps in my card making…You did an outstanding job in all your cards….You are blessed with many talents !

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