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May 05 2010

Tea Dying Ribbon

Today’s tea dying project was provoked by a customer question –I wasasked if the 1/2″ Wrinkled Ribbon is dyable. Well, gee – I had never tried, but knew this was just the push I needed to try the tea dying that’s been on my to-do list just forever. I have tea died muslins years ago […]

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Apr 22 2010

Stamp Simply #136 – Joy Fold Card

First a quick update on myDad – miraculously, he is hanging in there and with quite a vengence! The numbers they watch for liver, kidneys, blood, etc. are all improving. He is now able to stay awake for more thana few seconds at a time, but is experiencing extreme agitation, disorientation, irritability, etc. Totally NOT […]

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