Jul 30 2016

The Bow Easy is BACK IN STOCK

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We had a few days this past week where we were sold out of the original sized Bow Easy. Happy to say it is now back in stock, along with the Bigger Bow Easy. We here at Stamp Simply have been using this small, inexpensive bow making tool for years and years. Here’s a few examples:


I personally adore the silk bows made on the Bow Easy. Here’s a bow in its simplest form – just a single bow with tails.

This bow was made with 1.25″ Silk Ribbon on the largest legs of the Original Bow Easy.

You can find the supply list and all the details to this card here.


This is an example of a multi-loop bow made of 1/4″ Silk Ribbon using the smallest legs of the Bigger Bow Easy.

The Original Bow Easy is small — maybe 4-5″ square. It allows you to make 7 size bows ranging from a tiny 3/4″ bow up to a 2 3/4″ bow. The 2 3/4″ bow (as shown on first card) is the size I use most often for my cards. It is made on the largest legs of the Original Bow Easy.

When we jump up to the Bigger Bow Easy, the template is identical, just a lot larger. The Bigger Bow Easy is about 12″ square, so it’s BIG. It was designed to make bows varying in size from 4″ up to 8″. The larger bows are perfect for wreaths, larger floral bouquets and home decor projects, even pew bows for weddings!

However, I often use the smallest legs of the Bigger Bow Easy for cards, as in the example directly above. When I want my narrow silk loops to be a big larger and droopier, that’s how I achieve this look.

You can find the supply list and all the details to this card here.

wreath-ii-480-303 ADJ

Here’s a not very good photo of a swag I did years ago using the Bigger Bow Easy and 2″ Silky Crushed Wired Ribbon.

DLS Butterfly Sweet Dreams final 420511

Deb uses the Original Bow Easy to create this popular, scrunched up bow made with Seam Binding.

Check out Deb’s tutorial on this Seam Binding Bow.


How do I use the Bow Easy?

When we first started using the Bow Easy we wrote several posts on how to use this product.

These are years and years old, but you can still see them here:

The Bow Easy Photo Tutorial

Box and Bow Tutorial

I provide these links to follow the tutorials only. Those posts are VERY old and most of the links to products included are either dead, broken or non-existent this many years later.

And here is a NEW tutorial on Splitcoaststampers created by Dina Kowal. She does finish her bow off differently by actually tying a knot. And that works too, especially if your ribbon is thiner/lighter.


And that’s it for today.

Hope someone may have found this info helpful.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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